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RB25 engine swap into my 300zx

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You'll need engine mounts, crossmember and driveshaft modified or made.


Some advice..  unless you have a decent budget to throw at it, don't bother.   You'll need the cash for when stuff starts breaking.   In particular the coils are expensive and hard to get.  In the end, by the time you have an RB swapped in, the money you spent on that motor, that work, all the fabrication and crap, you could have a VG30 making twice as much power, twice as reliable and probably even a second block sitting around just in case.


The RB swap in the Z31 in the United States is cool for sure, but just not really practical for a daily driver.   


If you're wondering how I know, I've had both an RB20 and an RB25 in my old Z31.  As far as I've ever seen, I was the first to ever have an RB25DET running Z31.   In hindsight, completely not worth the trouble.  That's why I'm building a VG30 in my next Z.   Stick with the old maxims...     "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."    and especially:  "Keep it Simple Stupid."   


Best of luck if you do try and swap.   

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I have a 87 z and I'm swapping engines to a rb25det, I have engine tranny (automatic transmission) ecu,harness,etc but I have to get the mounts cross member and modify driveshaft. I need to know were I can get the harness adapters or any other things I need to complete it. thanks in advance

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