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  1. The current prototype... modified to use 5/8" bolts directly, without the sleeves on the Z31 mount, this saves some cost.
  2. Why don't you put more batteries up front? Spread the weight a little?
  3. Final price would hinge on the bracket cost, really $130+bracket at this point. This style of bushing is captive and should be much stiffer than the oem style cup isolator, and with the height adjustment, there should be more room available for say r30a swaps... If anyone wants to volunteer to be a test mule, please chime in or pm.
  4. As per second last paragraph, <$200USD. Replacement bushings would be around $40-45.
  5. Is that really your question? They are height adjustable. They are slotted for fine tuning. They are stiffer. They are lighter. They will not tear. They look snazzy.
  6. Alright, it's been a while since I've upset the status quo around here, so let me begin by saying, I hope to have these ready to offer by mid-march if there's enough interest. Due to the fact that they are using components from an existing kit (300ZX trans mounts) there is minimal work required, but questions remain. Firstly, the bushings are offset, putting the majority of compressive material above the bushing sleeves on the 300ZX kit, and like the 300ZX kit, we would be ditching the upper C-shaped isolator that attaches to the OEM bracket which is a lot softer. However, because
  7. *bump* Lots of inquiries on facebook, fewer ready to part with cash (to be expected), so there's several sets not earmarked for anyone... Please do fire off a message there for fastest response: http://www.facebook.com/responsetype/
  8. Well look at how confusing just the camber issue is....
  9. The camber curve does change because of the axis of compression, think of it like the upright twisting. The top pivot of the strut isn't moving towards the pivot of the chapman arm, in the OEM setup, it overshoots causing inward rotation at the top, adding excessive camber to the lower pivot also moving outward. With this adapter, the strut is now inline or even inboard of the chapman arm pivot, depending on camber, so the camber curve is almost entirely dictated by the position of the chapman arm only. I understand the sentiments around the testing regime, but I can assure you that almo
  10. I understand some people seem obsessed with the idea that other options are just as much work, and there are uncertainties in this route, but they are projecting personal doubts onto a lot of people who don't feel the same way. More to the point this argument happens in every single application, and nearly every product released, we're long past the point of having a guard up, it's predictable and unproductive drivel. Every damned time. No, there's no 240Z shop car, though I do have access to one, one doing a 300 point resto, but there's no way I'm going to risk scratching that thing nea
  11. "have you tested this on a car?" --- I don't wanna be a dick but did you not read the title of the thread? "I'm not sure there is enough space for a full offset like pictured." --- I'm not sure there isn't, when you move a lever on a pivot, the area near the pivot barely moves. "Are individual coilovers more readily available now?" --- these adapters are popular in their front applications for Z31/F31, as are the rear bushing sleeves for Z31/S12, usually without the others, meaning people are not getting full sets as a rule. We can argue about sources, whether used or rebuilt is th
  12. Ok I'll respond in bullets: - Yes hub stays where it is, strut is at the bottom, but as you can picture the base never goes behind the outer CV joint, thus "more vertical" would be correct - Front S13 coilovers (even good ones) can be had used or rebuilt all over the place, check 240SX forums, I see pairs go for $300, those bastards always need money - Maybe no cost advantage comparing a new S13 kit with a typical Stance/Megan based weld-on kit, but that wasn't the point, you have options, I'm not in the business of selling coilovers - There are ancillary benefits like I said, the
  13. After a long and winding road of supply chain issues, changing priorities, and just plain forgetfulness, these adapters are back on track. An initial batch of spacer rings was made via backup channels at slightly added expense, but no biggie. So where we are today: this adapter allows one to cut the rear strut, weld in the adapter, and have full S13 FRONT coilover compatible mounting, with added camber adjustment. The adapter should allow about 5-6 degrees of rotation, but the lower chapman arm length will dictate how much of that is usable. The kit consists of 1 unique part and shared p
  14. In a solid a-arm style setup, like the s13 or z31 where the tension rod solidly bolts to the arm with no flex between them, I would say even 5/8" rodends are fine for the inners, but because there is a ton of bending force applied at the outer, that should really be large like 3/4"...
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