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280zx roll cage pictures

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Nismo, is this your car or is this Skib's car over in Ratsun? These seem to be the only pictures anyone posts of a ZX roll cage. The pictures are identical right down to the placement of the duct tape on the roof to hold the dome lamp wires from falling down!

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For sure is my car, but where did you see those pics? Do you got the link?




this should do it...


Those might be pics he SAVED from ELSEWHERE. I might be mistaken in thinking that this is his car. If I am, my bad.

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Well this forum is big and I am having a hard time finding your build thread. Ignorance might play into this but do you have a link you can share? Kinda like a short cut....


You're kidding, right? Members Projects Subforum, S130, second thread as it stands currently by "Frank 280ZX" entitled '79ZXR 406 V8 Build Up'...


First post in the thread has a link to the thread he mentioned in this thread.


Which is currently the 9th thread on the same subforum, entitled exactly as he said: "305 Track Toy"


When all else fails, search subforum by author...but when they both are within the first 10 threads usually a link is not required. :blink:



It is a very well constructed cage, engineered by an FIA/KNAF-Certified Cage Engineering Firm and not just put together with whims, and by 'what looks good' like so many out there (not that the S130 has a lot of examples to choose from as you can see.) It's nice to look at one where real engineering money and effort was expended by someone who could be held legally liable for any failure.

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Wow, I followed the other link...that looks more like an attempt at an NHRA style cage. It all depends on what you are going for I guess. Of course sanctioning body compliance will be the end-all of discussion, what is your application for your vehicle?


Frank's cage is FIA style, for open-road racing and circuit race use more than a dedicated one-direction NHRA-Style 11-Second Car style cage.


The chassis diagram in the one looks more like what Frank has in his car, and is very different than the "duct-tape" cage which is the one I'm calling 'NHRA-Style'.


You really should be more specific in what you need. Just looking at a cage and deciding by looks and not intended application (even for the street) can be...deadly.


Good Luck in the search.

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