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  1. D-Rod

    WTB L28ET 240-260z

    I've got a project 73' 240z with a l28et already swapped in, minimal rust. Need to wire megasquirt and setup the surge tank also paint and interior. Located in San Diego asking $4k obo.
  2. D-Rod

    WTB a rustfree 240z body / Rolling chassis

    Where are you located? I have a minimal rust 73' roller in San Diego, Ca
  3. D-Rod

    I need a used ZXT Distributor 82-83

    I sale one from an 83' selling for $160 located in San Diego, ca
  4. D-Rod


    Where are you located? I have a setup in SoCal
  5. D-Rod

    WTB: T3/T4 turbo

    I have a custom built t3/t4 v-trim turbo built by usedturbos.net 0 miles on it. I have a turbo exhaust manifold with spacer and vband flanges and downpipe. Located in San Diego, Ca. I can do $600 for turbo with wastegate and vband flange/clamp.
  6. D-Rod

    WTB O-Ring Fuel Rail

    I have a o-ring palnet fuel rail with 440cc supra injectors willing to sell $125 for rail $160 for injectors, located in San Diego, Ca
  7. D-Rod

    Looking for a few things!

    Where are you located? I have some brand new rotas RBs wrapped and still in the box. 17 x 9 17x 9.5 in San Diego, Ca!
  8. D-Rod

    WTB: Full Megasquirt for L28et

    I have a brand new unmolested built megasquirt II v3.57 with wiring harness and sensors that I'm going to be parting with. I'm located in San Diego, Ca
  9. D-Rod

    wtb l28et

    I have a complete l28et setup I'm going to part out. $250 for the f54 block $175 for p79 head, located in San Diego, Ca also have turbo exhaust manifold ceramic coated, shaved n42 non egr intake manifold, palnet fuel rail, supra injectors, 240sx tb and spacer etc!
  10. D-Rod

    Fuel rail+ 440cc's

    Hey I need those pigtails, pm me a price shipped to 92102 please.
  11. D-Rod

    280zxt injectors/KA24 TB TPS

    If you can't find a tps anywhere you should be able to get one at autozone for $25.
  12. D-Rod

    WTB: Turbo valve cover

    I'm located in San Diego looking for a turbo valve cover for my L28et. Planing on getting it powder coated so it doesn't matter if it's ugly or if anyone has a nice polished one I'd also be interested.
  13. D-Rod

    Body Shop Referral

    Absolute Perfection San Diego, Ca http://www.apautoservices.com/ I work at this shop, they have a variety of services. A large percentage of the cars coming in are high end, even exotics like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce etc. I personally don't do body work there, but if any of you are interested, get a hold of me and I can get us guys from the Z community a deal.
  14. D-Rod

    Pallnet fuelrail

    Hey everyone, so pallnet's website has been down for a while now? I'm looking for a 11mm o-ring style fuelrail if anyone has one for sale. Please e-mail me at [email protected] thanks!
  15. Hello Hybridz! I'm new to the Z world, but I got my project going and I'm looking for a n42 non-egr intake manifold. From my understanding these are hard to come by, but if anyone has any leads as to where I can find one PLEASE let me know. PM or e-mail [email protected] Thanks!