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  1. Richard Oben LS1 series 1 240Z build

    Looks great, hope you get to enjoy it for a long time
  2. alternator to starter wire gauge

    I ran a #4 from the battery to the starter then a #4 from the battery to a distribution block. A #4 from the distribution block to the alternator. I used milspec wire for all that.
  3. TrackZpeeds CXRacing LS1 T56 240z

    Those axles do look stout, how much torque are they rated to?
  4. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    After 6 years it's alive. I could not upload the video but will try again later. IMG_0519.MOV
  5. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    The dash is in, it still needs to be wired but we are getting one step closer.
  6. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    Thanks Richard, I get a lot of inspiration from you guys. Looks like we will be starting the motor this weekend then I should be on the road by the end of October if everything works as expected.
  7. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    Thank you, It's a K&N Air Filter RC-5171 it flows 1654 cfm and my motor requires 1038 cfm according to all the calculations we have done. It is a pretty good size but I wanted to make sure I was covered in case I increase the Nitrous shot. I angled it downwards a little in order not to obstruct the radiator too much.
  8. Great build, looks really clean.
  9. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    Thanks Guys, We are moving forward again. After numerous attempts we finally got the cold air intake completed. The goal was to make a one piece intake without any welds showing. We made one out of aluminum first and just could not make it smooth enough around the welds to chrome without compromising the integrity of the welds. Not to mention the 4 inch tubing did not line up very good especially if the weld is close to a bend. There seemed to be a step that even though was not noticeable in raw aluminum it would have been magnified once chrome plated. So we decided to go back to the drawing board and make it out of stainless. The guys at Prospeed Autosport formerly D3 Performance did an amazing job welding the intake and the chrome platers gave it the finishing touch. We put the Air Temperature Sensor as far away from the engine bay as possible in order to minimize heat soak and added a 6AN bung for the oil catch can system. I also worked closely with K&N to ensure we have the right size filter for this motor. The last thing I want is for the filter not to flow enough air for the motor and I have seen that numerous times. People using a tiny filter on a big power motor. We also made a bracket which we powder coated black that attaches to the front of the air filter to keep it from moving around. We should be able to fire it up in the next week or so. Can’t wait to hear it run for the first time in years.
  10. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    We had to relocate the wiper delay module to the driver’s side foot well due to spacing constraints in the passenger side area. I was able to get the Cable X Box as well as the T56 Reverse Lock Out Module in the same spot. That’s where the factory ECU was located therefore everything is hidden behind the original ECU cover. We are using a Milspec connector to run all the T56 Reverse Lock Out Module, master cylinder, Temperature sensor (for Home Link Rear View Mirror), windshield washer pump and engine bay light wiring through the firewall next to the brake booster.
  11. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    LOL, far from it that's why it's taking me so long to get this car to this point.
  12. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    Thanks Sean, I appreciate that sir. Yea come by anytime. It seems like I'm always in the garage working on the car, I want to see yours in person. Looks really good in the pictures. We should be able to fire it up mine in the next 2 weeks.
  13. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    Thanks, it was close as the water was rising pretty fast. I had my car on jack stands at the highest setting they will go and we were lucky the water did not get to the garage but our subdivision was flooded so getting out was impossible. I look forward to getting together for a meet. Anytime you are in town look me up.
  14. 78 280Z LS3 Project

    I had an aluminum bracket made for my ECU which fastens to the same location where all the original wiring connectors where located behind the glove box. I was able to mount the ECU on the inside of the bracket and my Nitrous controllers and relays on the front in order to have access for adjustments if needed. I’m using a stinger distribution block to provide power from the battery to the fuse panel, amplifier, relays and ECU relay/fuse box. The ECU has its own stand-alone fuse box and relay panel. I wanted to have as much of the wiring and computers as possible inside the car to avoid unnecessary clutter in the engine bay. Having the ECU, its relay/fuse box, 2 Nitrous Controllers and the fuse panel for the rest of the car inside the car it has become quite a challenge to be able to fit everything without it looking like a rats nest of wiring. It looks like we are very close to completing the wiring. It has been a long road but the end result should be worth it as all the wiring in the car would have been replaced, not just what comes in a universal wiring kit.
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