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  1. Some-Guy

    DIY - Steel workbench! $105

    When I built my bench I got a 4 foot by 3 foot piece of 1 inch plate out of a scrap bin. Welded legs on it and it was unreal. pretty much impossible to move alone but I used to do alot of stuff with it. Iam defiantly going to look for racking that looks awesome.
  2. Some-Guy

    Those Elegant Women Drivers...

    hahaha some people are silly.
  3. Some-Guy

    Oh my....

    yupp it looks not to bad. I would probably paint it all red tho not a fan of the black hood thing.
  4. Some-Guy

    WD-40 + flat tire + fire =

    Wow, that was pretty cool.
  5. Some-Guy

    "Time Warp" Discovery Channel

    That table saw is AWESOME I have seen it function in person actually works great if I had room and money I would have one for sure. Oh yea the show is entertaining also.
  6. Some-Guy

    Im in LOVE with this car!

    I don't think its ugly but I would definitely take the fender mount mirrors off no offense to those running them but they just don't look right.
  7. Some-Guy

    Im in LOVE with this car!

    Wow, that thing is pretty cool. It reminds me of an early nova for some reason.
  8. Some-Guy

    List a car on ebay for $500, sell it for 250k.

    I was following this on another message board for a while now pretty wild! Lucky sob is what that guy is he had it listed as starting at 500 buy it now for 4000$.
  9. I don't care for it all kind of goofy looking. But 1005 hp sounds like fun.
  10. Some-Guy

    Dot's old v12 Z and Jay's 2+2 on Jalopnik

    X2 That thing looks Fantastic.
  11. Some-Guy

    Short Films (cool one here)

    That was great too.