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  1. When I built my bench I got a 4 foot by 3 foot piece of 1 inch plate out of a scrap bin. Welded legs on it and it was unreal. pretty much impossible to move alone but I used to do alot of stuff with it. Iam defiantly going to look for racking that looks awesome.
  2. yupp it looks not to bad. I would probably paint it all red tho not a fan of the black hood thing.
  3. That table saw is AWESOME I have seen it function in person actually works great if I had room and money I would have one for sure. Oh yea the show is entertaining also.
  4. I don't think its ugly but I would definitely take the fender mount mirrors off no offense to those running them but they just don't look right.
  5. Wow, that thing is pretty cool. It reminds me of an early nova for some reason.
  6. I was following this on another message board for a while now pretty wild! Lucky sob is what that guy is he had it listed as starting at 500 buy it now for 4000$.
  7. I don't care for it all kind of goofy looking. But 1005 hp sounds like fun.
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