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  1. Where did you get those corner lights? They look mint!
  2. DIY: Spare tire well fuel cell cover

    I believe he's using the ATL SP-112,a steel container surrounding a 12 gallon bladder. Edit: I was a couple minutes slow!
  3. ls240z's Project LSx Z Car

    Started tackling the floor patches, not the easiest to get a good fit up when you're trying to butt up nicely to all the curved surfaces. Or cutting with dull tin snips... Oh well. I seem to be blowing through every so often, I just hold the trigger a hair too long. After I get it all welded and ground down, I can start flattening the floor to fit closer to my angle pieces fab'd to fit the Bad Dogs to the car.
  4. ls240z's Project LSx Z Car

    Well so much for that supposed progress, been traveling and working a lot of OT to pay for car parts. Putting a hold on welding in the fuel cell structure until I get the rear end bits from Will. I went out and pulled this rear diff from an 04 Explorer, twas a bit of a bitch to yank out in 2 hours (closing time). It's a 3.55, not sure if that'll suit my needs, I need to research more on the 8.8" gear choices seeing as I spent most of my time looking at R200 ratios. Working a lot in the next 2 weeks, but I hope to get started on the subframe connectors so I can sandblast the chassis.
  5. The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    What sort of camber adjustment range will this be capable of? I'm wondering if I should bother with camber plates in the rear if the uprights are able to get enough negative camber.
  6. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    No worries Will, we know you're a busy guy. I'm just excited for this great package you've put together!
  7. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    Any updates regarding availability?
  8. Damn that silver looks nice with those satin grey wheels. I'm following your build closely, I'm going to order Will's IRS package when they're produced. Which coilovers did you use with the Koni's? Have you had a chance to get a sense of the handling? If so, what are your thoughts on your combo?
  9. S30 Ultimate 8.8 IRS Swap Kit!

    PM'd you regarding shipping
  10. ls240z's Project LSx Z Car

    So I finished up welding the container, it turned out better than I could have hoped. It was my first time welding sheet metal so I was a little nervous. All that I need to do is drill a drain hole, drill the holes for the lid, remake the lid (the old one was an 1/8th of an inch to small), and get it all powdercoated (going to wait on that, might as well do a batch of stuff to save money). Now that I have this made I can put together the supporting cage in the rear. Getting the angle pieces to mount my Bad Dogs made up and I'm picking them up on Tuesday, should hopefully be some decent progress in the next 2-3 weeks
  11. Revised center console

    I agree with texis, gloss is way too shiny, and doesn't mesh will with the rest of the interior imo. Amazing work on the actual console though
  12. Braille Battery vs Optima Battery

    Look into the Deka=Braille threads throughout the Web; identical batteries made by the same parent company, but a huge price difference between the two. I plan on running the 21lb Deka when I even get close to having an engine...
  13. Parts car to cut misc panels

    Would you happen to have any other pieces of the rear, like the tail light panel sheet metal?
  14. 280z Takata seats

    These are gorgeous, I would love these seats. Dat diamond stitching...