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  1. Cool this will be my plan b if I can't figure out the stock wiring. I'm actually following the original 81 harness swap build thread posted on here. But dude doesn't mention where the wire for the actual fuel pump gets spliced into the harness
  2. Looking for where my power + green wire from the fuel pump connects to
  3. Old post I know I've read through the whole thing and for the likes of me can't find on the 81 harness install what wire GOES TO THE FUEL PUMP + itself. Help!
  4. Wtb: Ssr longchamp 15"x9+ or 16"x9" 4x114.3

    I thought so too man, apparently either they were custom or something but they're out there. And if they are... I want um! Lol
  5. Hey everyone. In the market for a set of 4 Longchamps for my Z. 15" is cool, 16" would be even better hit me up if you have or know of someone/ someplace Lookin for 9 front 10 rear and a nice mean negative offset on them. Located in San Diego
  6. Seems like the 280zx brake line system is definitely a beast on its own when it comes to adding an adjustable prop valve. The proportion valve for the rear is located in the passenger side fender. Problem lies that that same part feeds the passenger side wheel? So weird.... I'm pretty sure the wheel isn't getting mixed in with the fluid going to the rear. But that's definitely an inconvenience gonna have to figure something out
  7. I want a an adjustable proportion valve for the rear for exactly that reason, so I can OPEN the flow more than is offered by the restrictive factory one and allowing me to max out the rear force and not have as bad a brake bias (even if it's still not that good maxed out). At least it would be an improvement from running oem prop valve but Yeah man I switched over everything from the 81 zx donor and noticed the routing and distribution is different on the set up. I'll definitely check out the fsm. As I have to find out if the rear block in the jack is a distribution block and not a prop valve and can just leave it as is. In comparison to the 240z one.
  8. Hey yall,i Looked all over for the answer to my question but no luck sourcing out directions. I recently swapped the ENTIRE 1981 280zxT brake line system along with the 280zx 15/16 MC on to my 70z. Everything is stock from the donor car. I recently swapped on the S12W 4 piston calipers and 300zx vented rotors as well, regardless of many saying its not technically an "upgrade" I've ran into other good reviews about the set up so I'm giving it a go. I'm in the midst of swapping the rear 280zx calipers and disk conversion to the 70z and read up on the recommendation for the adjustable proportional valve. Ive seen the info for swapping the adjustable prop valve for the 240z brake system. But I noticed the components and distribution is set up differently for the 280zx. Where's the stock proportion valve I need to remove/swap for the wildwood/aftermarket adjustable one? And is the block that goes on the rear passenger side block just a distribution block or does that need to be removed as well?
  9. Wtb rear Máxima caliper brackets

    Bump. Still no luck sourcing set
  10. Wtb rear Máxima caliper brackets

    Yeah man those are definitely steep on price. If weather is nice I'm planning on hitting the local junkyard and see if I get lucky. Not trying to cough up 200 AND have to source out different calipers and rotors on top of that. Missing link for me right now is the bracket.
  11. Wtb rear Máxima caliper brackets

    Good looking out brother. I was peeping those out and I shot them an email regarding what material they were made out of and what was the deal with the 4 different caliper mounting bolts. Figure aluminum might be too weak for the job the bracket does no?
  12. Wtb rear Máxima caliper brackets

    Got some 280zx calipers and rotors and would like to swap them on my 240z. Hopefully someone out there can hook me up with the maxima caliper brackets. Would like to put the 300zx rotors on it but if you only have the one that clears stock 280zx rotors. Thatl do.
  13. 240z S12W caliper/rotor rub!

    Thanks for the heads up brother. Looked up 260z hubs and found they looks like 240z but with 280z dimensions. Would you happen to know if the wheel bearings are interchangeable? If not I might have to rip those apart and make sure I'm not putting 240z parts into 260/80 parts. Haha
  14. 240z S12W caliper/rotor rub!

    Yup those are my kind of hubs alright.... Standing by for the new spacers to arrive. I'll slap those on and update results. God I hope I was sent the right rotors for the 84 300zx zx