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  1. 280zx Distributor

    I'm looking for a good working 280zx NA Distributor. Please send PM if you have one to sell and asking price Thanks
  2. Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Do you have a good turn signal switch for a 240z
  3. 240z Turn signal switch

    Looking for a good turn signal switch for a 240z . Please PM me if you have one to sell
  4. Pcressey, have you resolve your spring issue. If so can you please let me know what you did. Im in the market for new springs for my 240z Thanks
  5. I'm looking for a a R180 differential Flang for my Subaru conversion. Please let me know if you have one.
  6. Aftermarket Subaru STI stub axles

    Hey Guys I have found the cause of the rattling sound on the car. It's coming from the driveshaft flang that bolts to the differential. Under hard acceleration the flange is hitting the Ebrake mechanism. I took the driveshaft out and the Ebrake mechanism, straighten the Ebrake bracket replace them and the driveshaft still hits the bracket. Any ideas. If all else fails I am contemplating moving to a brake system it doesn't work anyway. When I got the car it did not have the differential . I've never had an issue with the drive shaft and e-brake mechanism until I did the swap. Do you guys recommend get a new strap and try that I'm not sure how much power or Torque this new engine makes over the stock engine. I did install a new stock diff. Mount when I did the swap
  7. Aftermarket Subaru STI stub axles

    A little update on the car. I reinstalled the diff. Yesterday wiggle the clutch Fork around a little bit adjusted the clutch little the car now Drive and reverse under load.I was able to back out of the garage and drive down the street. The bad news is theres a noise coming from the rear it's hard to describe but it seems like there's something back there that's it slipping. It doesn't do it all the time but enough to prevent me from putting the car on the road when it happens it seems like some gear or something and spinning and the car will stall whatever is stripped would catch again and the car will then start to roll again. I remove both halfshafts and spun them they both spun smoothly as did the flange. I did not remove the flange I wanted to verify before removing the flange to check and see if I had a possible broken stub axles .Is possible to have a broken stub axle if the flang would still spin. I try to pull on the stub axles and the Flang the see if there was something lose as well,nothing.
  8. Aftermarket Subaru STI stub axles

    I plan on reinstalling the differential tomorrow morning. Conduct a test and report back. Don't know if I said this in a previous post. But last night I started the car with the wheels on the floor car was in first gear I engaged the brake pedal the driveshaft stop spinning but I was still able to rev the car up. You would think that car will stall because the clutch wasn't engage but it did not. Here's the link to a short video of this the drive shafts spinning when the brakes are applied the driveshaft stop spinning. https://youtu.be/5LxynIE2z78
  9. Aftermarket Subaru STI stub axles

    I have three 240z and a 67.5 SPL/2000 Roadster with solex package. My 70 240z is all stock with 54k documented miles,71 240z with a Ls1 out of a 2002 ss Camaro and the 71 240z I am working on now, I thought it was going to be an easy build now becoming a nightmare . I have not updated my profile in quite a few years
  10. Aftermarket Subaru STI stub axles

    Took the differential didn't see any sings of damage to the gears. I did find a peice of the clip for the passages side axel in the bottom of the housing . I held onto the stub axles as tight as I could,with my son turning the flang. Both axles turn for a bit than seam like they stopped but the pinion gear was turning for a brief period . Tighten the flang nut a bit.Had my son try turning the flang again, it seam like the the stub axles turns all the time now.I don't know if that really had anything to do with the issue I having. Other than reinstalling the diff.is the a good way to tell if ready to go back in. https://youtu.be/r8tqFTihnEM
  11. Aftermarket Subaru STI stub axles

    I wanted to be sure about the driveshaft. With the car on the ground I placed my cell phone under the car and recorded the driveshaft. The car is in 1st gear the driveshaft does turn. But the car doesn't move. Here's the link to the video https://youtu.be/VBCeGlpZ5ck
  12. Aftermarket Subaru STI stub axles

    I placed the wheels back on the car and took the car off the jack stands with the transmission in 1st or neutral and the wheels on the ground the driveshaft isnt turning. I tried to turn the half shafts by hand while the car was on the jack stands couldn't get a good grip on both at the same time. I tried to turn them one at a time and couldn't.I placed a screw driver in between the u joints and was able to turn the axels both turn in the same direction. I made a video of the car on jack stands hope this helps.
  13. Aftermarket Subaru STI stub axles

    Also I'm not sure if I made this clear or not when I start the car I dont have to depress the clutch. The car will start with the transmission in any gear and runs, idles doesn't shut off. If I try to accelerate the car just doesn't move from the spot its in.
  14. Aftermarket Subaru STI stub axles

    I'm sorry for not being clear in my post but typing is not my strong suit I placed a car on the jack stands with the car in first gear and running both wheels are turning passenger and driver side as well as the drive shaft and input on the differential my e-brake doesn't work that well however I did pull the ebrake cable all the way up and all three still turns. Also I can turn the wheels by hand while on the jack stands with the car in gear. Newzed I appreciate you taking the time to help me through this issue