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  1. Great to see the progress of the car but sad to hear about Mr Vitorinos family issues, hope all is well. /Andreas
  2. Great pics and good progress👍🏽
  3. Well, i had to ask. I been looking for a long time now and will keep looking. They just look amazing. Please let me know if you come across another set as you live in Portugal and those wheels came on many or all 240z there. There may be some sets still laying around. Best of luck with the restoration. I will be following. //Andreas
  4. Nice looking car! I had one Blue with white interior 1 year ago, sadly sold it. If you for any reasons would like to sell the wheels I'm very very interested. //Andreas
  5. I know of one Nos, But Its going to cost alot.
  6. NA 3.1L=>head & camshaft questions. No shortcuts, max

    Love this thread! Great reading, keep up the good work!
  7. Show your steering wheel .

    Same here regarding the "Like button"?? Very nice and rare wheel!
  8. How did you mount that front spoiler, any pics? I'm considering to put a euro front spoiler on my car.
  9. Recommended L-engine shops in Europe

    Ad verkuijlen at VA-motorsports engineering in Netherlands. https://www.va-motorsport.com
  10. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    That's some nice numbers oz, congrats! Do you know what volume your cambers has now in that E88 head?