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  1. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Hey Guys, Parts are in process for the first batch of complete kits, and they are now available for order on my website. Everything is a la carte so you can purchase as little as the transmission adapter or the full kit including transmission mount and driveshaft! Check out the product development page on my website for details about design and assembly and the webstore for specifics about purchasing and prices. Its been a long road I am excited to get these out to folks...and hopefully before Christmas!! www.hokeperformance.com
  2. Hey Guys, I have been working on a L28 - Z33 transmission adapter. I wanted to start a thread here to check on the current interest level so I can prioritize some of my projects (Working on L28 intake, LS2 mounting kit, In-Tank EFI pump setup, and this adapter!) These transmissions are strong, plentiful, and reasonably priced used or available new if you have the funds. The transmissions are close ratio and the shifting feel is awesome. The updated version with the most reobust syncros is a CD009 but they will all bolt up using the same adapter. The initial goal for the setup is to provide a mounting kit that allows for a VQ35DE 6 Speed transmission to bolt directly to the L28 with minimal modification to the transmission (no machining). This is accomplished with an adapter plate, precision flywheel spacer, starter bellhousing, shifter relocator, and various hardware. The resulting kit will be a little more expensive due to the additional parts but the ease of installation I think will be work it. I am confident I can do a 'machined' version similar to the Z32 setup but I wanted to start the first prototypes as the no-machine design and analyze the setup from there. Right now the L28 clutch and flywheel will be used, but I have considered doing a custom flywheel which would eliminate the spacer and allow for a 350z clutch to be used but I think the cost would be prohibitive. Current Project Status: - L28 block and Z33 bellhousing mounting patterns and center lines were measured very accurately using a vertical milling center and a CMM. - Initial CAD is complete - RP starter adapter printed and test fit with success - Laser cut blanks for the initial prototype have been procured and are at the machine shop. - First machined prototype expected to be cut this week! I hope to have a complete kit ready to test by the end of the year and will then look for somebody who is interested in volunteering to have the transmission installed in their vehicle and then test it out! I have serial projects going on right now but I hope the timeline for this doesn't get bumped too much. The main issue that I foresee right now is the overall transmission length even with my shifter relocator (that is used for VQ35 swaps) I believe the shifter will sit a few inches back, when I get the assembly together I will measure the shifter position and get a good feel for the difference from stock. I've attached a few pictures and look forward to hearing any thoughts or feedback. FWIW I post the most recent updates for project on my facebook page and then my website as I have time. Thanks!
  3. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Hey Guys, The first car is on the road! We made a custom clocked plate for The Z Car Garage's TC24 build which they got together for JCCS. They are really stoked on the outcome and how the car drives and feels. Really looking forward to hearing more long term feedback from them and feedback from some of the other beta testers. Attached are a few pictures of the ZCG build. These guys used a CBF shifter to get on the road quickly before I have mine finished. What are the next steps? Models are complete for everything except the shifter which I will continue to work on (I got sidetracked with my Z!!) I am debating on going ahead and kicking off the first run for those that wish to purchase another shifter or use a standard shifter relocation. Delivery on these would be 6-8 weeks, I may open up either a prebuy or at least a reservation list so I can gauge interest and figure out the batch size since there is a longer lead time. I will keep this page updated.
  4. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    A couple pictures of the crossmember, more coming soon of it installed in the car. Pretty happy with how it came out for the first one but Ill be making a few adjustments to the model. Im also wretsling a bit with switching over to the GM isolator so I can get side to side movment right at the trans but I think the 350z isolator will remain prime path for now I really like that design.
  5. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Hi, I can take measurement for both the VQ and the LS since I have done those swaps, Ill work on getting that. I assume you are curious about the crossmember interchangability? I do have one DIY kit left right now if someone was ready to do an installation, but the entire kits is close enough it probably doesnt make sense for most. The crossmember laser cut parts are due to arrive Friday and I plan to weld and test fit over hte weekend! I am dragging my butt on the shifter mount as i have been disctracted working on my personal VQ240z...but Ill get it knocked out soon. There are a couple swaps going one right now for the brave beta testers : - NC, 240z (Thats me!) - CA, 240z - TX, 280z (Providing feedback for crossmember measurments) - Austrailia, 280zx (Is there any market for a full 280zx kit? Perhaps I could do a crossmember for it as well...otherwise it will be a DIY option) Really looking to hear how everything goes for these folks. -Austin
  6. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Hi CalZ, this is designed to mount directly to the frame rails with backup plates on the top side.
  7. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Yes, sorry I havent updated this post in a little bit. Im behind my scheudle a bit but still making progress! Currently there are 2 beta kits in the 'wild' and I am working on a shop installation. With the shop install I am designing the remaining components to make this a bolt in affair. The transmission crossmember design is complete and is currently in process at the laser cutters, driveshaft is also in process.The last piece of the puzzle is the shifter mount which I am working on designing now. Attached are a few pictures.
  8. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Early Adopter DIY kits getting close! Flywheels, pilot bearings, and alignment dowels all arrived today . Getting excited, setup is coming together. First vehicle install scehduled for mid July. Time to focus on shifter design now.
  9. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Hey, 350z trans weighs in at 122lbs (without oil, shifter, or adapter) which I believe is 37lbs heavier than the factory 5spd. Bank on about 50lbs total. Weight is low and in the center of the car. Lighter is usually better but it's a good trade off here for a close ratio 6 spd and the torque capability of this trans, not to mention how nice it feels. Perhaps a harder decision for those with lower power engines.
  10. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Z33 Adapter Kit Update...I received word that flywheels were on schedule to be completed this week. Im welding studs into the plates tomorrow and they are headed to the platers. It looks like things are falling in place to have everything ready to go in 2 weeks for the early adopter 'DIY' kits. I had some folks ask about the 280zx starter. Not only is gear reduction nice this starter does not have a nose cone making it much easier to integrate with only a small amount of material removal required. I did this with a carbide burr in about 15 mintues using a 3D printed guide.
  11. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Hey, I should have clarified on the spacer version, so thanks for asking. For the time being I have decided to drop the flywheel spacer route. Besides the risks associated with installing a spacer there are also additional parts that drives up the cost; spacer, custom flywheel bolts, starter relocator, and throwout bearing relocator (or longer spacer). Adding to this is the requirement to machine or cut clearance for the starter, with the spacer in teh factory position only a small amount needs to be removed to clear the spur (if you use a 280z starter without a nose). In the end I think the custom flywheel route is a much better choice and is a good value for the price increase...and that gap was closing fast with the additional parts required. I am working with a vendor that specializes in flywheels and drivetrain components. The flywheel is all steel and retains the same button geometry and starter ring gear spacing while moving the clutch surface outboard. These are on order and I am anxious to get them in my hands. Adapter plates arrived today, I will be welding in studs this weekend and getting them plated next week. I have interest in all of the DIY kits, but only a couple are confirmed! -Austin
  12. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Hey Guys, Z33 kit update...The first kits are in process at the machine shops, I have a batch of 5 being made. 4 will go to those interested in an early testing opportunity and the 5th set I will be using for a local install to develope the transmission mount and driveshaft. I suspect these will be ready in 3 weeks or so but there are a few unknowns with new vendors so Im not putting a firm date out. These will be what I'm labeling DIY kits, the 'hard' work is done but it still will require some fabrication abilities to install. Im hoping to find folks that have running cars ready to do the swap and can provide feedback... What will be included: Adapter Plate - CNC Macined Steel, Plated Alignment Pins - SS, Engine and Trans Side Pilot Bearing - Bronze extended for adapter offset Flywheel - Lightweight Steel with required offset to run L series clutch Shifter Mount - 4.5" further forward (but still 5" back from stock location) Required: Trans Mount Fab, Driveshaft Fab, 280zx Geared Alt (w/o Nose) Cost: 800USD This cost has almost no markup (buying in small quanitities) and wont be offered in this manner in the future. Turn key kits will have a new 'super short' shifter assembly that moves the shifter to the stock S30 location, and a transmission mount. Current estimate is 1500 w/o driveshaft, 1800 with driveshaft but this is still an estimate as I havent designed the 'super short' shifter bracket. I was targeting a lower cost but the parts just add up especially with a custom flywheel, Im happy with how everything is looking though and it should be a great bolt in solution for those with serious builds. If you are interested in one of the early DIY kits or just have questions please shoot me an email.
  13. The VQ35 is mounted (Pics)

    Alright well I finally got a break form school and got some work done on the Z. Got the motor mounts finished today and the vq is finally sitting in the engine bay. Ive got a website ill be putting more information up on so check it out... im detailing the entire swap there: www.vq240z.com Its certainly tight but over all its working out very very well Ive had to do no modifications to the engine and I am using the factory mounting isolators, headers and heat shield. The stock steering shaft should work out without mods as well. Anyway here are the pictures (I apoligize my engine bay looks nasty, gonna repaint later): Test fitting... All finsihed, mounts are made from .125" plate and 4"x.125"W tube.... Mounts bolted to frame rails... Drivers side view.... Passenger side.... Drivers side with stock exhaust manifold... With heat shiedl.... Plenty of room for some twin front mount turbos on down the road As far back as she will go with the stock intake manifold... Gotta give some credit to my little helper too..
  14. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Hey Guys, I am currently doing parallel designs for the VQ transmission adapter. One using an OE L-Series flywheel with a spacer and starter relocator. The second being a lightweight steel flywheel with offset clutch spacing. I really like the new flywheel route, I can have them manufactuered for a reasonable price and it eliminates the spacer, custom bolts, and starter relocater. It also elminates the need to remove nearly as much material from the bellhousing. I believe the extra money adds value to the kit. I plan to offer some early adopter 'DIY Kits' for those just looking for the adapter plate assembly. They would include Plate, Flywheel, Shifter Mount (5" rearward from OE hole), and Hardware. I hope to have some pricing on this by the end of the week. As I continue with develoment I will be offering a transmission mount and a shifter that comes out of the factory hole. If you are interested please DM and email me so I can plan for the flywheel purchases...currently planning on ordering 5 leaving 3-4 for early adopters.
  15. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Hey Guys, Update for this week. Flywheel spacing has been confirmed, the L28 flwheel and clutch is positioned using both a spacer and a new throwout bearing sleeve. The combination of these two parts aligns the flywheel with the input shaft splines and locates the 350z slave cylinder fork correctly. Due to the thicker dual mass flywheel (DMF) and clutch used on the 350z the 6spd trans has the correct shaft length but different spline location compared to the stock S30 transmission...thus requiring the spacers. The great thing about this though is you may use any L series clutch which most folks will have already invested in upgrading. The flywheel spacer will be a turned component which is then ground to ensure the two mating faces are parallel within several ten thousands of an inch....I have a quote out to ARP for custom metric flywheel bolts with the correct grip length for this new setup. I have a SLA printer in house now and used it to mockup these components and check fitment: With the clutch at home the next step was the starter location. With the new flywheel spacing the starter has to shift to match the flywheel, this was easy enough to work into the adapter plate. Unfortunatly the starter pockets in the CD trans line with the L series block and just dont jive with where the starter needs to be. This will require material removal on the bellhousing, its not precision work through so it can be done by most folks at home. I'll use basic hand tools to develop a suggested method on my transmission. Here are a few shots from CAD, I will be 3D printing this over the weekend. With everything ready for the trans/engine mating I will be moving to machined prototypes over the coming weeks. The next design challenge is making a new shifter to make it line with the factory holes...it will be a bit of a challenge....stay tuned!!
  16. L28 - 350Z 6 Speed Transmission Adapters

    Posted 3 days ago Hey Guys, I realize it has been a long time since I originally posted my adapter progress here, I worked on it for a couple months and then put it in the corner as I was working on other projects and only do this on the side...that was like over 2 years ago . LS kit are now in production and the CD trans has my full attention. I am on track to have the complete prototype together in April, I'll be 3D printing the last parts for functional fitment this weekend. After that I could potentially get a few plates in folks hands for beta testing. I have a local gentlemen who will be the first tester and allow me to design the transmission crossmember and other bits and pieces to make it a true bolt on, which will take a little time past the April proto. So to be more specific: March - Finalize design, 3D printed parts to compliment machined plate. Physical mockup and bench test April - Machining prototype parts. Prototype Mockup and bench test. Pricing Release. End of April/May- Potential for first Beta testers plate only End of May/June - Full Kit availability with transmission mount etc Again here is a link to my site with pictures of the plate: https://hokeperforma...6-speed-adapter And I will be regularly updating this thread now but most up to date will be facebook: www.facebook.com/hokeperformance Just wanted to let you guys know this will be an option and I'm still alive -Austin
  17. Collins adapter L series to CD009 (350z) transmission

    Hey Nick, The plate is pretty straight forward I actually already have that done and the two bolted together. The VQ uses a dual mass flywheel which is thickner and places teh clutch in a different spot relative to the clutch. The input shaft still pilots in the same places but the clutch has to move. What I am doing right now is spacing out both the flywheel and the through out bearing to get everything in the optimal spot, then you have to adjust the starter as well (and shifter location, and trans mount) I have rapid prototype parts coming off the printer as we speak...hoping to have a nice good mockup this weekend! (Im updating facebok and will bring my postin hte vendor forum back to life from here forward) CalZ, Certainly trying to make it as economical as possible and not require any precision machining. It looks like some material removal will be required for the starter nose but should be able to accomplish it with hand tools...this is my next step to flush out.
  18. Collins adapter L series to CD009 (350z) transmission

    Hey Guys, I realize it has been a long time since I originally posted my adapter progress here, I worked on it for a couple months and then put it in the corner as I was working on other projects and only do this on the side...that was like 2 years ago . LS kit are now in production and the CD trans has my full attention. I am on track to have the complete prototype together in April, I'll be 3D printing the last parts for functional fitment this weekend. After that I could potentially get a few plates in folks hands for beta testing. I have a local gentlemen who will be the first tester and allow me to design the transmission crossmember and other bits and pieces to make it a true bolt on, which will take a little time past the April proto. So to be more specific: March - Finalize design, 3D printed parts to compliment machined plate. Physical mockup and bench test April - Machining prototype parts. Prototype Mockup and bench test. Pricing Release. End of April/May- Potential for first Beta testers plate only End of May/June - Full Kit availability with transmission mount etc Collins makes some nice products and does this full time I believe, so I certainly understand looking for another faster route especially given the huge pause I had on this.. I will say that I doubt a turn key setup will be 399, Right now I am targeting around 1k or so for for the plate, spacers, shifter relocation, trans mount, hardware, and driveshaft. It seems like a good target right now but I wont have firm numbers until after all the parts are finalize in the coming weeks. Anyhow here is a link to my site with pictures of the plate: https://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/l-series-350z-6-speed-adapter And I will be posting updates on facebook: www.facebook.com/hokeperformance Sorry to thread jack but just wanted to let you guys know this will be an option and I'm still alive -Austin
  19. Hey Guys, It's been a while since I have been active on HybridZ. My car and projects have been on the back burner for a while but I'm excited to say that I have been putting more time in the garage! Tinkering with my VQ240z, building a LS2 240z, and working on other projects (Such as a L28-VQ 6 Speed Transmission Adapter ) Another member on the board asked for me to design a crank trigger setup for the L28. Even though I don't have a L28 in my car any more I still love the engine and hope to build another one in the not too distant future so I decided to take it on. I am ready to cut material and I wanted to see how much interested there was for a setup like this as I am hoping to produce and sell as an easy to install 'bolt-on' kit. Details: - Required Pulley: Euro Single Groove (Available from MSA for 90USD) - DIY Autotune Hall Sensor Kit Contents: - Trigger Wheel (Laser Cut 1018CR) - Trigger Wheel Location Tool (3D Printed PLA) - Trigger Sensor Mount (Black Anodized 6061) - Distributor Block Off Plate (Black Anodized 6061) - All hardware required to mount the components (316 Stainless) The kit is designed to work only with the single groove pulley. The trigger wheel comes with the center section in place which locates it concentrically on the pulley snout, the plastic tool is used to align it properly using the keyway as a guide. Once in place (3) 8-32 holes are marked and then tapped into the pulley. The center web of the crank trigger wheel can then be easily cut away and the outer ring bolted in place. The crank trigger mount bolts to the 240z timing marker location and has a stainless adjustable timing pointer. It is designed to line up to TDC when centered but allows you to double check against your engine and adjust to get the marker perfect if desired. The mount is designed to fit properly without requiring adjustment, the sensor angle can be adjusted in your software if a slight tweak is needed. I designed the mount and trigger wheel to package as nice as possible. The distributor block off plate uses an o-ring seal to eliminate the paper gasket, and could also be available separately if desired for those with a different crank trigger setup. I have made the components from PLA for test fit and everything looks good so far, next step is to get the pieces cut. Please let me know if you have any interest or if you have any thoughts or input. I am certainly open to suggestions for improvement. Please see the attached pictures for CAD images and mock up pictures. These should be ready in about 3 weeks, pending any additional changes. Cost will be around 225 for the kit (without a sensor or pulley) the more interest the cheaper they can be! Austin Hoke
  20. Machning is complete on the OE pulley variation of the mounts and the block off plates...off to anodize this week...should be ready to ship by 2/3. I wil be updating the website soon. Roggaman, I havent heard of any issues from folks so far! The sensor is pretty robust and I think the actual torsional movement of the damper is quite small...to put things into perspective the 36-1 wheel only provides 10 deg of resolution.
  21. Hey Guys, OE 240Z Pulley kit in works, availbile to ship by 1/27/17. Also...It looks like Professional Product is no longer making the euro pulley as they have been on permanent back order, will check with them this week to see if they have plans to make any more. @Ryant67 - Yes 60-2 wheel wouldn't be a problem, I can do custom wheels with 1-2 weeks turn around. We just need to verify the sensor works with the electromotive system...I will check into this. Would you be interested in purchasing one to test, if so send me an email to [email protected]
  22. Hey Guys, Sorry Im not on the forums more often, I did change my profile settings to start getting notifications on posts. These kits are still availible but the Euro pulleys seem to be geting hard to come by, they have been on backorder for months from Professional Products. I have been working on a version for the 240z pulley. This opens up the opportunity for A/C too....Ive just got done with 3D printing the prototype and have an order into the machine shop. Should be ready early next year for beta testing. Follow my facebook page for more info an I will post here too....www.facebook.com/hokeperformance. Thanks! -Austin
  23. 240Z LS/T56 mounting kits are 10% off during the prebuy....shipment is expected in 3 weeks just in time for Christmas. As of this post there are only 3 kits left. Please DM me for more details, or shoot me an email to [email protected] Store Link: https://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/…/s30-ls2-engine-mo… Development Info: https://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/ls2-engine-mounts Follow Us Here: www.facebook.com/hokeperformance
  24. Hi Guys, I have been working on a LS mounting kit for the S30 chassis. As part of the road to putting these into 'production' I have produced 5 Beta kits for testing. I am offering these kits at a 20% discount for those that are in a position to mount their engine and provide feedback on design and fitment in a resaonable time frame (3-4 weeks). I had all these kits spoken for but ended up having one guy drop out at the last minute so I am looking for a replacement, kit is boxed and ready to ship! Ideally I am loking for somebody that already has a motor/trans set ready to drop into their car, must be a manual T56 transmission. I would prefer the car to have stock floor pans and transission tunnel as I am keen on getting fedback on transmission mount fitment. Information about the kit: Design information -https://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/ls2-engine-mounts Cost Information - http://hokeperformance.squarespace.com/store/s30-ls2-engine-mounting-kit (Beta discount applies to the mounting kit and throttle pedal bracket but not driveshaft) Some Highlights: - OE Style Integration, bolt in with no welding required - Clearance for Long Tube Headers (Hawks or CX) but will not work with shorties! - Clearance for low mount alternator and A/C compressor (Stock A/C Compressor will not clear rail w/o notches, tight fit bracket design in process) - Transmission tunnel bolts through floor with reinforment plates, clearance for dual 2.5" or larger exhaust - CAD Designed and constructed of laser cut cold rolled 1008 - Professionally MIG Welded on fixtures - Professionally Powdercoated - Includes all hardware
  25. I assume this is for those NOT running the factory PCM? If you are running the factory PCM just wire it up, the car I built works just fine. Otherwise I like the idea of using a push button, just wire it up with a normally closed micro relay.