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  1. so I'm getting my ignition signal from the crank and that's how we set it up in the beginning. we use a piston stop marked top dead center on my reluctor ring 1/8 in in front of where the sensor is and that Mark is gone. That was before I drove it from New Mexico to New England. I've never had a problem with the car. I will say this I've had many turbo engines but they've all been hydraulic heads. I've done a valve adjustment on it and it seems to run fine... may e the valve adjustment could be causing these issues if it was adjusted too tight. My last engine I put over 50,000 miles on making over 350hp with no keyway in the crank with no issues banging it off rev limiter road racing time attack all kinds of things so I don't think that's an issue. I really think it's a cam timing issue from the engine running backwards for a couple seconds or the valve adjustment is too tight. That's the only thing I can think of. I really thought this engine would be more rev happy than the hydraulic head. Here in the next day or so when I get a chance I'll do another valve adjustment just to check it. unfortunately I'm working in a parking lot while traveling and can't work on it in a garage.
  2. The colllins adpter would only be the adpter plate I should have specified. I've always been the type form follows function lol .... so if I can bolt it to the engine.. I will find a way to finish the install but would love a bolt in kit. I would just love to see this go somewhere. I'm tired of the 5 speeds I keep getting stuck in 2nd and 3rd gear or hearing a loud bang and no more trans. Now granted I keep using junkyard 280ZX Transmissions but I haven't felt the need to spend the money on a transmission unless it's a 6-speed.
  3. I have been in touch with Collins adapters they said if I can get 5 people interested and an adapter at $399 per adpter they would make it. It would be awesome to be able to put the 350Z 6 speed in a s30 chassis attached to an L series. I would be the one just need 4 more people to commit.
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  5. first pass in the z 13.1 @ 110
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    playing around at my buddy's shop.
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