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  1. mcx

    Phantom Grip

    yeah, its kind of sketchy the lack of customer service.. like their lawyer hiding? LOL! anyhow, four years use sounds good by me, i followed this install but my PG definitely looks meatier... http://z31.com/mods/drivetrain/phantomgrip/ btw , love your car!
  2. mcx

    Phantom Grip

    .thanks for sharing your actual usage of this thing..was your the upgraded version???....i'm somewhere around 275, so maybe i'll be lucky for awhile.
  3. mcx

    Phantom Grip

    ..i clearanced the gears just a little more using my belt sander mounted flat on my vice..reassembled it and those carrier gears spin freely with the clips still inplace...removing the clips and it locked firm...just need to reinstall and see what it will or wont do.
  4. mcx

    Phantom Grip

    Seattlejester...thanks again for the info...AAA card is kept in the glove box...LOL, its bailed me out a few times!!...most of the grinding was on those gears because i wanted them flat, as the minimal instructions suggest....i'll post results once i put this one into the car...waiting on seals to arrive.
  5. mcx

    Phantom Grip

    thanks for the reply...i picked up a spare 3.54 rear from a 85 turbo Z in decent shape($80}...i have fitted the PG inside the open diff, only after grinding the large spider gears and the PG itself..i ended up using the cutting wheel on my chop saw as a grinding stone of sorts...it worked decent but took awhile to get it to clearance fit....i tried contacting the makers but their website is extinct,,,only a facebook page and the phone # is a voicemail deadend....a question for anyone who installed this device...when the PG is slipped inside the carrier unit, and the clearance between the PGand the large spider gear is set tothe recommended .005, should you be able to spin the spider gears freely before pulling the locking clip off the PG to release the spring tension of PG blocks to large spider gears?? yes, a OBX is next!...thanks, mike
  6. mcx

    Phantom Grip

    i'm looking for input from anyone who still might be using this device in a R200...i've read every old thread here and was curious if anyone has long term use with it after all these years...i picked up a 908X version for 50 0n Ebay that someone had never installed...thanks, Mike
  7. mcx

    Clutch Slave Cylinder

    I just rebuilt one for the first time last week and its very easy..the shop manual shows the parts sequence for reassembly if you get it mixed up but its unlikely as there are such few parts in one....Rockauto had it cheap.
  8. mcx

    Need help with wheel bearings and stub axle.

    Thanks for that link....excellent write up/pixs!!
  9. mcx

    Need help with wheel bearings and stub axle.

    what is the correct procedure to install bearings?? are they[in and out bearing] pressed into hub first and then the axle stub gets pressed through?? or is theouter bearing pressed on the stub and then that assembly pressed into hub??
  10. mcx

    OBX vs Quaife (with pixors)

    thanks for posting this new info...some upgrades and some same old design/workmanship flaws...where and how much is this selling??
  11. i installed a 300zx 1 1/8" MC and have a problem with leakage where the reservoir is pressed into the casting..i replaced it with another since it was a warranty issue but the replacement is doing the same now?? its a new and not rebuilt unit made by Dorfman and purchased through Rockauto Parts..the part comes with the reservoir already firmly seated...any ideas?? thx, mike
  12. mcx

    OBX vs Quaife (with pixors)

    excellent thread!!...any new updates on these installations??
  13. mcx

    Have anyone installed a VLSD into a ZX??

    excellent info!!...i was curious how one would check out the condition of the vlsd in a junkyard...do you spin one wheel and the other should spin in the same direction???
  14. mcx

    Duplicolor Paint Shop

    impossible!!...flies like freshly laid paint as much as dog shi#!!!LOL