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  1. sk intake manifold and mikuni 40 phh

    They are probably worth around $1000 with the manifold and linkages. Depends if someone is looking for these specifically.
  2. SK Racing carbs TWM Induction Manual needed

    Thanks Ruben! Just what I was looking for...
  3. R/t mount ordering info

    Brad how much to ship to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, E1G 1J3 Thanks Jeff
  4. Home made triple carb heat shield

    Nice. I have a bunch of stainless sheet. I just may have to make one as well. Thanks for the inspiration. Gonna try copy this one.
  5. I'm looking for a manual for my SK Racing carbs sold by TWM Induction. I've been scouring the net for two days and found both a Weber and Mikuni manual. Does anyone have a manual they would be willing to sell or scan? I've tried contacting TWM but they were purchased by Borla and the contact email for Borla is bouncing. I've contacted O.E.R but am still waiting for a response. Thanks Jeffrey
  6. XTR - XTD eBay Clutch Pack Review

    Curious if the clutch is still doing well...
  7. 260Z Won't Stay Running

    Is this a carbs engine or fuel injected?
  8. Fixed the door slaming issue..

    There are several good urethane products that would be suitable to reproduce hard rubber parts. If we could get some pictures of the missing rubber pieces it would be helpfull.
  9. Train-wreck from under the hood

    How old is your battery? If the battery is weak the alternator may be under increased load because of it. Turning on the lights increases the load and causes the belt to slip. Could also be a bearing going that in increasing the load cauing belt squeek.
  10. Early 260Z Electric problem

    Glad you got it figured out. In tracing the wires you may try going by wire color as it will tell you what main branch or sub branch the wire should belong to. It may not tell you exactly where the wire is going but it'll get you close for each circuit.
  11. Early 260Z Electric problem

    From the motor itself only two wires. The blower housing also houses the resisters so there is another connector going to the housing. Here is a picture that should explain better.
  12. Early 260Z Electric problem

    I don't see any orange wires coming from the motor in the factory service manual. Do you think this motor was taken from another car? The diagrams are probably correct but your blower may not be original. Here is a link to a 260z wiring diagram http://www.atlanticz...manual_wire.gif
  13. HybridZ Forum Software Change!

    The new white backed logo looks much better. Nice work.
  14. HybridZ Forum Software Change!

    I made a logo to match the current theme. Did it quickly but it should match ok. Maybe the text should be in white?
  15. cincinnati 260z

    Not sure if we are supposed to post in this thread but I like it!