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  1. Hey folks, been a while since I've been online, but to make a long story short, I have sold my 75 280z and I'm trying to help the buyer out a bit.. the little plastic wheel got chewed up on my spedometer sender in the tranny, so the guage isn't working. (I swaped in the rear half of a 240sx 5 speed box, and had the sender unit too tight on the gear inside the trans I guess.. oops) It is the stock unit from my old 280 4 speed, so I'm hoping someone may have one laying around.. E-mail to datsunlover@hotmail.com or PM here. Thanks Matt G
  2. Ahh, there you are! lol Well, the local guy finally got back to me last night, and sold me a 76 280z diff for $50 so I'm ok for now.
  3. lol... ok, perhaps... been away for quite a while, didn't realise all the changes that have taken place here in the last few years... if evrything else got transfered over, you'd think admins would see I was always a decent helpfull member here, but I guess with 10000 members now its hard.. Ahem... I'm in midland Ontario Canada, an hour north of Toronto
  4. Ok so either I am retarded and don't see it, or my first add was taken down for some reason... (Didn't think I broke any of the rules.. ? I know it says no warning will be given, but how about maybe an explanation of what the issue was if this is the case?) ANYway, still looking for a rear diff to fit my 75, and the last post in my other add was from a member in windsor I believe... Would have liked to keep in touch with him as I havn't heard from the local guy yet (has a 260z advertised, but not returning my phone calls.) There was also a member in FL(?) who I would like to keep i
  5. ok cool, so it WILL work, assuming my flanges are ok.. I've never workied on a 300zx, so I wasn't sure what changes they made to go with c/v shafts. I guess I'll have to drop my diff to find out for sure, only prob is like I said, I have to move in a month and as of right now, the car would drive itself on to a trailer if need be... If I pull the diff and run into issues, I'm in a pinch if I don't get it done in time. And I hate doing these kind of things on a timeline.. lol I stopped and looked at the 300zx today, and it doesn't have a finned rear cover, but it looks a little di
  6. Hey folks, been a while.. So last sunday I blew up my diff, and although I havn't pulled it yet, I'm thinking it's destroyed; Made a hell of a bang and then grinding/screaming noises, pulled the plug when I made it home (limp in 2n'd gear, thought the thing was going to lock up on me!) and it's not really oil anymore in there... its something that resembles graphite paste or very gritty anti-sieze lol..shiney! never seen so much metal bits on a plug before! My guess is a spider gear let go/chiped a tooth/ect and it was only a matter of time..made strange vibration/light tapping noises
  7. The grind thing is normal in my exp, just the nature of some transmitions; if they are still spinning forward internally and you try to jam in reverse, it won't go. Putting it in first 'stops' the trany. And I don't think that has anything to do with your driveline clunk. Trust me, cause my rear diff just exploded yesterday :/ Was trying to get rid of the clunk and a weird noise sometimes when I took off... kind of a clunk clunk clunk/rattle, but it would go away after a few seconds. I figured it was u-joint related, and changed all the u-joints; seamed to be better but then so
  8. heh heh.. I've been out of the loop for a while, and no I did NOT realize you had sold it a few years ago... but just an irony here, it's back up for sale again! Saw it on kijiji last week...
  9. Thats pretty cool.. except my pos computer doesn't like to run it without freezing.. lol:icon56:
  10. Funny this thread is STILL around! lol I was just looking at my car the other day and since I figured this out, it has worn a bit more, but I never did jet around to fixing the door pins (drivers side) which are not so good.. and the pass door is still perfect, so I'd say once it's working, just keep it lubed and it should last. BTW,Trumpet, your sig pic looks a LOT like my Z when I first got it..same slotted rims and everything.. it's weird!
  11. Just to add to the climb cutting comment... Be sure you're not taking too heavy of a cut, and slightly lock the table, or one of several things can happen; 1- It will stall the machine, usually breaking/chiping your cutter, 2- the table can start 'walking' back and forth (you'll know it when it happens lol) as its cutting, leaving a TERRIBLE finish and also possibly breaking the cutter. Oh, and as for plunge milling, I usually just drill a pilot hole either way, cause it gives some clearance at the center of the tool for chips to get out. Alluminum especially can get gummed up and st
  12. Funny thing... mine does now too! (although, it's not really a lighter anymore...) The REALLY funny/ironic thing about this, is I didn't tell anyone I rigged a push button start in place of the cig lighter... well, sitting in a parking lot with a friend one day, and he wants to light up.. he reaches over and pushes the button... yup, the car was in gear and the key was on. Lucky I was quick to push the clutch in, or we would have launched out of the parking space into the street!!
  13. I think I been here for 10 years... oh.. where does the time go....
  14. I may have the switch you need.. I'll look through a box of parts in the shop. I striped a bunch of bits and pieces off a 71 a few years ago and I'm sure I grabbed all the switches/ect I could see.. lol
  15. I wonder if those are the same centers as the caps they put on the old 13" steel wheel 'hub caps' you know, the ugly plastic ones that cover the whole wheel? I've got a set in decent shape in my garage somewhere, I'll see if the center section comes off...
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