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  1. Looks like I barely missed having a 69 series 1.
  2. NICE!! Keep them alive and running...........Is that crankshaft planned weight distribution?
  3. Me either but R&D isn't cheap anymore, yet I understand your position. I have money to spend its just do I spend it just to have better wheel choices?
  4. I have the Futofab rear axle CV conversion kit. http://www.futofab.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=175:datsun-wcr-cv-axle-kits&catid=38:datsun-drivetrain&Itemid=122
  5. I haven't but I already purchased a front/rear set of BC Racing coilovers that I cant use with anything other than the Datsun components. I have an R200 rear with a Quaife LSD and just wanted a better wheel choice. Not pushing the HP you are. This is an endurance race car with about 250HP at the crank.
  6. Gmagno


    Are these still available or did they not make it to the shelf? I will buy a set today.
  7. Thanks for the info tim.d. Looks like you and I will be the guinea pigs on this one. I should have them mocked up in a week and will post pics but will not be able to test until the end of July. that is if I meet my deadline on the build before the race at MSR.
  8. I realize this is beating a dead horse but just checking to see if anyone has been successful at this with available stock auto parts. I know most everyone has the front 5 lug hub for about $400.00 but the only one I found that has the rear is Arizona Z. I talked to Dave today and he said the front/rear set is $2200.00. Dave makes some great stuff but I am looking for a less expensive way to have better wide wheel choices. I just found this and am checking now on availablilty. Thanks in advance for the help.......
  9. Thanks. I figure buy what will last or you will buy it twice at more cost. In fact I did order those from Dave at Arizona Z, just forgot to put them on the list. 2 - Adjustable Billet Outer Tie Rod Ends $69.00 EA.
  10. Gmagno

    240Z Wide Wheels

    Thanks for the info........enjoy.
  11. Gmagno

    240Z Wide Wheels

    Very nice. Looking forward to your review as I am sure everyone else is as well.
  12. Gmagno

    240Z Wide Wheels

    Cool, thanks. What set did you buy?
  13. Gmagno

    240Z Wide Wheels

    Thanks for the insight. I appreciate it.