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  1. What is This?

    Good man, thanks. After searching just now they call it an N36 balance tube. Looking at the pic below is there any benefit to using this over the stock 240?
  2. What is This?

    Recently purchased a vintage race car with an upper intake part that doesn't look like my other 240Z. The car runs but I want to replace it due to damage. Has anyone seen this part before? Thanks in advance for the help. Born a Datsun dealer, Breyley's Datsun sponsored race car that raced with Bob Sharp 3-11-1974 at US Champions Road Atlanta [CP] Car 11 Jim Bennett, http://wsrp.wz.cz/natus1974.html , didn't do well at all but still cool and more reason to bring her back from the dead. Also had some Speedvision TV time in 1999.
  3. SILVERMINE BRAKES: 1 - 15/16 master cylinder $185.00 1 - Front Big Brake Kit (stage 3) $395.00 1 - S30 Rear Disk Conversion $599.00
  4. 1972 240Z Race Car Build

    OK, I know its been almost 2 years. We all know how life gets in the way so don't be a hater. I found this car by chance last week on Racing Junk with the title "yes". I called the guy up and negotiated a deal to deliver the car to Houston, TX for 3K total. He delivered it Saturday. I know, you are thinking, what happened to the build? Well, this particular car raced at Road Atlanta 03-11-74 with Bob Sharp. OK, so it only ran 3 laps and had a DNF, but that is "some" heritage" right? Either way its a real SCCA GT2 race car and born that way. It was taken from the dealership and converted from A 1970 240z. She is a little rough around the edges but has a 200+ HP motor and runs. Rare one piece JC Whitney fiberglass flip front end. The plan is still the plan, just not the same donor car. We will be using this one and starting this weekend by removing the roller wheels and installing the ones listed above. Progress and pics will follow.
  5. 1972 240Z Race Car Build

    Scored a good haul this past weekend in San Antonio, TX. It paid off searching every night. Updated parts list above. It's blistering HOT in Houston at this time so not much progress on stripping the car. Stay tuned........
  6. 1972 240Z Race Car Build

    Eibach springs in stock towers with about 1/2 inch clearance.
  7. 1972 240Z Race Car Build

    Tokico Illumina on national back order even after claims they were available at the Z Store. Replaced with Koni.
  8. My first Z and... Hello

    That all depends on how much time and patience you have. I just bought a set of floors and rails shipped to the door this week for $398.00. This is a reputable source for quality and fitment. http://www.datsunzparts.com/
  9. My first Z and... Hello

    Nice one. 1970 with some characteristics only made that year is desireable among enthusiasts. Best thing to do is find a donor car (easier said than done) to cut replacement metal off for your car. Search 240z forum in Google and start posting WTB in the parts sections. You will find that a lot of Z lovers are more than willing to help you to see it brought back to life. Welcome and good luck.
  10. Bought a 1972 240Z a week a go in Dallas, TX for $500.00 complete. No title or keys. It might run but haven't had time to get started. Typical rust and neglect that is unfortunate with these cars. Already racing in Chumpcar, Lemons and WRL series with the blue 1973 240Z pictured below. Still tweaking it but have worked through most everything. Building the 1972 using the same components. This should give everyone an idea of what it costs start to finish. I know I could find one finished for less (maybe that one that pops up twice a year at the right price) but want to complete this with proven results from the current car. Don't hate me for not being that DIY guy for every part of the build. I will get my hands dirty but am very busy at work and some things are better left to the pros. +++ONCE THE CAR IS STRIPPED COMPLETELY I WILL BE LISTING ALL THE PARTS FOR SALE+++ Let the project begin..................... On the way home. Check out the True Spoke Wires. And the list begins: Car Purchase $500.00 Fuel - $125.00 1 - Racing Car Switch Panel Engine Start Push Button Toggle #3018 $34.55 EBAY 1 - Xenon 3124 Front Air Dam $171.99 EBAY 4 - XXR 527 16x8.25 Chromium Black 4-100/4-114.3 [+0mm] $472.09 NEXT LEVEL MOTORING 4 - 245/45R-16 Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 $787.48 TIRE RACK 1 - Rear Wing $211.44 THE Z STORE 1 - 6 Point Harness & Window Net Kit $209.00 SUMMIT 2 - Corbeau Forza Seat With Bracket $328.00 ea. TH MOTORSPORTS 1 - Sway Bar & Jack Point Reinforcement Plates $93.00 BAD DOG PARTS 1 - Floor Pans & Rails $398.00 ZEDDS 1 - 240z Frame Rails (FRONT) $230.00 BAD DOG PARTS 1 - 240z Frame Rails (REAR) $145.00 BAD DOG PARTS 1 - 240Z Seat Brackets $135.00 BAD DOG PARTS 1 – Fiberglass Hood $358.00 1 - Datsun 1970-83 240Z 260Z 280ZX L28 Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer Damper New EBay Item# 321447269470 $89.00 Shipping $8.00 1 - OIL PAN DIPSTICK L28E L28ET DATSUN 280ZX NISSAN OEM OIL GUAGE DIP STICK EBay Item# 150724589014 $12.50 1 - Magnecor 6924 Ignition Cable Set-10mm Fit Nissan 240Z EBay Item# 310882381785 $114.40 SILVERMINE BRAKES: 1 - 15/16 master cylinder $185.00 1 - Front Big Brake Kit (stage 3) $395.00 1 - 240z, 260z, 280z Rear Brake Upgrade Disk Conversion Kit 1 - S30 Rear Disk Conversion $599.00 1 - Ground Control Camber/ Caster Plates (Front/Rear Set) $735.00 1 - United Parcel Service - Ground $136.38 THE Z STORE: 2 - 23-3801 Koni Special D Classic Adjustable Strut, Front, 70-8/74 240Z-260Z $169.95 2 - 23-3802 Koni Special D Classic Adjustable Strut, Rear, 70-8/74 240Z 260Z $169.95 23-4196 Urethane Bump Stops, 70-78 Z Front & Rear, 79-83 ZX Front 1 $15.95 $15.95 23-4041 Eibach Progressive Spring Kit, 70-8/74 240Z-260Z Coupe 1 $224.95 $224.95 1 - Shipping: Standard Shipping (Central): $47.97 2 - 16-7121 Thermostat Housing, 70-72 240Z $63.14 1 - 12-4181 6-Wire Clip, Front 70-78 240Z-260Z-280Z $1.58 1 - 12-4182 6-Wire Clip, Valve Cover 70-83 Z/ZX $2.43 1 - 12-4183 3-Wire Clip, Valve Cover, 70-83 Z/ZX $1.62 1 - 12-4184 3-Wire Clip, "Floater", 70-83 Z/ZX $2.38 SUMMIT RACING: 1 - ABT-SP115 FUEL CELL $743.00 4 - ARP-100-7708 WHEEL STUD KIT $52.20 1 - ENS-718101G BUSHING KIT BLACK $152.50 1 - GFR-4756 QUICK RELEASE WHEEL HUB 5/8 SH $54.25 1 - GRT-663 STEERING WHEEL $83.75 1 - STQ-50100 FRONT ANTI-SWAYBAR $162.50 1 - STQ-51075 REAR ANTI-SWAYBAR $146.50 1 - Grant 3073 - Grant Steering Wheel Adapter Plate $28.70 1 - ARP 202-4206 - ARP Pro Series Cylinder Head Stud Kits $153.50 CRAIGSLIST SCORE: 1 - F54 Block Bored 040 over rebuilt with flat top pistons. READY TO DROP IN. P90 Head with Schneider 290-F cam. Cam towers shimmer .060” mildly ported. READY TO DROP IN. 2 - Core F54 Blocks 2 - Stock Cams 1 - Alternator 1 - P79 Head Bare 2 - Stock Oil Pans 3 - Timing Chain Covers 1 - 280ZX Dizzy 2 - Stock L28 Valve Covers 1 - Lot of Misc. Parts TOTAL - $750.00 Stay tuned..................
  11. Running Toyota 4x4 front and Silvermine rear, slotted/drilled on all 4 and no issues in chumpcar races. Also no proportioning valve needed with 15/16 280z master.
  12. Autocross Feedback

    This is larger at 1 1/8 for the front and fits the 240z. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/stq-50100/overview/year/1976/make/nissan/model/280z Use this for the rear. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/stq-51075/overview/year/1973/make/nissan/model/240z
  13. XXR 527 16x8.25 zero offset 245/45/16 tires.
  14. Post pics of your z's here!!

    240Z ChumpCar Race Car