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  1. Looking good so far, @Gmagno. Any updates, or is life still getting in the way?
  2. I've been using Variprime 615S self etching primer since the late 1970's. Excellent stuff, it kills any surface corrosion that happens between the stripping of the old finishes and when you get the car to your shop. It also is a good base for high build primer just be sure and go over it with some scotchbrite first to promote good adhesion. http://products.axaltacs.com/dcat/us/en/dr/product/615S.html
  3. So, its been longer than 9 days . . . . . . is it done yet?
  4. The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.

  5. Racer X 69

    Z Garage

    My Z Cars. The race car is a hybrid. It has parts from 240 and 280 Z cars, as well as lots of custom, hand fabricated stuff.
  6. The dealers used to carry them, but I suppose that none do for such old cars anymore. Motorsport Auto used to have them too. I've used an air vacuum to retrieve the little buggers from cavities. Air vacs use a 3/4" vinyl hose, and I stick one size smaller inside of that to get some reach into those deep places around the wheel arches. And look for the weep holes where the quarter panel skin is spot welded to the inner unibody structure.Sometimes you can blow shop air into them and find all kinds of stuff. Instead of flares, why not fat fenders? Like these:
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