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  1. Gus

    480Z - cheap 2+2 build

    I'm running a 4.8 in mine and its a blast!
  2. I've got about 800 Miles on the setup now. Runs good except the guy told me the trans was a reman and it pops out of 5th on deceleration. I've just been driving around that for the summer and will either replace or repair in the off season. I'm still working on the tune so I haven't beat it to hard but it moves pretty good. The front Yoke is a 1330 joint and I found a 1310 flange for the factory diff. I had Fast shafts make me a drive shaft 24.5" long with joints which was only 140.00.
  3. Thanks! I must not have uploaded a pic with the speedometer in place. I have an Autometer GPS speedometer installed.
  4. I've been a lurker here for MANY years before I even had my 260z. Several Z31's have been in my fleet but about 4 years ago I found a S30 that I was able to trade for a motorcycle. The car was in good condition and ran but being the gear head I am I wanted more power and a LS motor in it. My build isn't perfect and there are some things I would like to go back and change at this point but... It's a work in progress. I'm to the point were I can just now drive and start tuning. A lot of things have happened since I started the build. I put up a shop at my house, had a daughter and now have a son coming any day. Just bringing it home Then I took it over to my friends grandpas house to start making changes I removed the dash added a cover and Autometer Gauges. I ended up rewiring all the gauges through a single connector to make future disassembly easier. I then moved onto the seats, I chose a Summit Racing seat which I'd advise against due to the amount of cutting involved to make them fit. Once the interior was back together I changed front calipers to Toyota truck, replaced ball joints, started installing busing kit, master cylinder, proportioning valve, struts, chevette springs and ST sway bars. I now am thinking about coil overs. So I was able to get a shop build and hauled all my junk from my buddies place home so I could hopefully work on it more. I also picked up a Z31 from the original owner to drive around while I worked on the S30. Over the years I was lining up parts for the V8 using Dirty Dingo mounts, CD transmission, block hugger headers, added 3rd joint to steering shaft, I'll just let the pictures do the talking. The gist was to locate all the parts needed the specialty guys were selling and buy them at half the price.. My daughter showed up during this period and really slowed down progress but that's ok... Then I made a wiring harness, ordered a drive shaft from Fast Shafts, and started tuning. And it moves, Trying to figure out how to make this thing run right with out paying for a tune. https://youtu.be/Xyt5OIR9axs https://youtu.be/4j4QfcOIcK8 https://youtu.be/q1BnFBhNTjA
  5. So just a little update. the car is very close to having a drive shaft and firing up. I'll keep you posted when that happens but for now I have found a Yoke from Spicer. The number is SDH-2-3-15871X and they're 77.97 from Summit and it fits the CD009 perfect.
  6. Gus

    Swap parts

  7. I did not get the collins clutch. I ordered a custom Mcleod Clutch through Summit Racing. It has the center spline for the cd009 and a 11" disc for the LS. I actually ordered a package so I got pressure plate, disc, flywheel, bolts, pilot and throwout bearing. I believe I spoke with Lee at Mcleod to give him the specs and set up the order. After that I called Summit and explained to the sales person I talk to Mcleod and need to order MCL-Custom. I also ordered a Dorman slave cycinder for a 4th gen F body, the Russel fittiing to convert the slave from a special fitting to -3an inlet, and also ran an line out of the bell housing for a remote bleeder and for the master cyl. Hope this helps! We added to the family so I havent to get garage time in to see how it works.
  8. Sorry not much to update since a new addition has kept me out of the garage. A buddy of mine was able to get the shifter extension bracket shortened for me. Currently the engine is all the way back but will need to slide forward about an inch to line up perfectly with the shifter opening. Now I just need to get a car intake, turbo, manifolds modded with v bands a fuel sump.
  9. So I got the engine in and handed my shifter bracket off to a friend that works a fab shop. He looked at the shortening services and he said that it wouldn't be a problem. Using the dirty dingo mounts I slid the engine back as far as it would go. Here are a few pics from the install and I just need to adjust the mounts a bit since the tailshaft is a few degrees off center.
  10. Joek - What I found was the 03-04 CD001 had a syncro issue and they had several variations of that CDxxx until they got to the CD009 which was the later transmissions I believe 06+. I'll keep everyone updated and I'm thinking with such a light car and mild build I should be ok. I'm just building a street machine that I can get in and drive anywhere so traction most likely will be an issue before anything else.
  11. No, I feel bad for hijacking post, but I wanted to share all the information I have so far. Never thought about the load point before so I'll keep an eye on it once shes going down the road! Maybe I should start my own build thread but its really not that exciting compared to some of the other amazing cars on the site!
  12. Yea thanks, I should have just about 1200 in it including the clutch and flywheel. I can never find deals on T56's so looking at new ones that dont come with a bellhousing this is a bargain. I guess its all how lucky you are when searching forum classifieds or Craigslist.I have a 4L65 I was going to put in that I pulled from my Silverado but I had to keep the man petal.
  13. Fro the center of the shifter hole to the bell housing face its 38". That's with the stock shifter support bracket. I think I can take 4 " out of that to make it make compact. Also I'm using the dirty dingo mounts which should help with lining things up. I got the slave modified for a remote bleeder and 3 -an main line. Hopefully I can get it sitting in the car by the end of the weekend.
  14. Hmm, I checked the folder on flikr, everything is marked public in this album? Is there a different place to host? Are you not able to see the thumbnails at all?