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  1. From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile

    I started making a hydraulic e-brake for the Datsun using a beer tap handle, a Honda Civic clutch master cylinder, and some steel. Almost done, just got to add a swivel to the lower joint and clean it up. Don't make fun of my welds; I know I suck.
  2. From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile

    I need to test the rev limiter to, you know, make sure it works. Yep, it works. I can't wait to take it to the track!!!!
  3. From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile

    Alright, I got the shift knob for Watson epoxied and ready to be drilled and tapped. The epoxy looks like beer; neat! Tomorrow I'll start scavenging for parts for the hydraulic e-brake that the tap handle will be used for.
  4. From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile

    Fender-exit exhaust. Its only kind of ridiculous.... I can't wait to get to a track to see how many sideways I can get with this thing! I also can't wait to get some dyno time to get the timing map optimized.
  5. From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile

    A buddy of mine and I decided to do some random what-nots to the Datsun. We made this. A wooden dash and a fender exist of the exhaust. Pics of the final exhaust setup once the stainless steel plate is on to take up the slack cut-out area. Video tomorrow of the sound. I can't wait to start it up!
  6. Dads old Z

    Speedo not accurate? Use this. http://www.wolframalpha.com/widgets/view.jsp?id=87d93f94d5ff7211456d9742e970d861
  7. From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile

    It didn't. I couldn't solve the timing issue in time.... So I installed a CAS today because the optical trigger decided to walk around and screw everything up. Now I have rock solid timing and I can finally take it to redline! It goes real fast. Time to get it on a dyno for proper top end tuning.
  8. WTB 82-83 L28ET Distributor and shaft

    Nevermind, everyone. I ended up just getting a 36-1 CAS to put straight onto the crank pulley.
  9. The balls dropped in my Datsun

    I found the problem to all of my issues. The shutter wheel for the optical trigger was moving. The low sound of the engine was because the wheel rotated so far out of phase that my timing was very out of whack, thus altering the running quality and sound of the engine. (Verified this scenario with a timing light) The upper RPM cut was again because the wheel would keep moving out of phase. I'm done with this distributor. I'm going to get a proper CAS and EDIS system for this car.
  10. Like the title says, I'm looking for an 82-83 L28ET distributor with the shaft to the oil pump.
  11. Now this was a bit strange. I've been trying to get my pulse width modulation setup correctly on my megasquirted L28E+T (N42 block and head featuring a turbo, hence the 'plus') because for the life of me, I cannot rev past 5000 rpm under full boost, and only under full boost. Well, I've had positive results with adjusting the injector characteristics, although I'm still not past 5500 rpm; maybe with more tuning I can see 6500. THE ISSUE, SORT OF: So when I went to make a second gear pull to test things out, the engine began to fall on its face at 5500 rpm (expected) but afterwards, it sounded so much deeper and louder. It sounded like the car's balls just dropped and it had become a HUGE Mac truck. When I shut the car off and restarted it, it was normal. What would cause this? I'm just curious. My exhaust setup is simply a three inch pipe off the turbo for about six feet, so nothing could have blown out, exhaust wise, to cause such a low rumbly loudness. I wish I had a video to demonstrate this. It sounds normal again so its not really an issue, now, but does anybody have any insight as to what would cause this?
  12. I wouldn't recommend buying from this guy. I sent him a payment a month ago and then he stopped responding to my messages and I never received the fuel cell he was selling.
  13. From N/A S130 to Turbo Drift Missile

    This thread may be a little dead but I've still been working on Watson. I actually have my first event coming up on the 19th and I've almost got everything sorted out. Here's a small shake down run. Just a couple more parts and we should be solid. Oh, I should also note that I did end up replacing the entire fuel system. Rust in the tank and lines is not conducive to a healthy engine. Gross. Shake down run.
  14. I feel there should be a new rule to posting items for sale. BE WILLING TO SHIP. Waiting for weeks to ship and then not even responding to messages is ridiculous. I always do whatever I can to get items out when a payments is sent because I would expect the same from anyone else. If you're too busy to ship items, you shouldn't be selling them. I won't bust out the user, yet, but there needs to be some form of accountability for shipping. Or I could just say this: Buyer beware, do not send pay pal payments as a gift or for family to avoid charges. You cannot file a claim for that.
  15. Zentech, do you have pictures of the manifold? I haven't seen a NAPS-Z manifold but given that it was geared towards a more emissions friendly engine, it may not be what I'm looking for. I'm also not looking for carburetors... Safetymike, whyyyyy is yours for a Z???? So close.