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  1. Hey Zers, My Dad passed a little over a year ago and in doing so, told me to take care of his old Z. its an 82 280zx n/a. well,i didn't no to much about cars at the time but i know he said to keep the engine that was in it (didn't have to be stock). so after much reading and tons of "old Mechanic" advice,iv since rebuilt the entire engine. here is what i have done "surprisingly my self" so far.... Head (work done by Rebello) - N42 head, bigger valves,port,polished,some work done to the galleys for coolant and oil. Valve Train - Custom cam 512 Lift, 300 Duration, Stiff springs
  2. Sorry, my carb is a holly 600 4 barrel.
  3. I have a holly 520 4barrel on my Clifford manifold,f54 3.1L mn47 (maxed out) "$$$$". MSA 6-2-1 2.25In headers, mild 274/480 comp cam, 12lb flywheel, 3.90rear. 30° advance on 93oct pumpgas with no ping and great pull from 2000 - 6500rpm. not sure on my horsepower numbers.any guesses??
  4. I have the MN47.pushing 10:1 CR on 93oct.no problem.mild cam and tripples.F54 block w/forged flat tops.its a dream with the new suspension upgrades i just finished.going for a spin in the morning.oh I'm running 25advanced with no ping.night Zer's
  5. Hey there, So pertty much I'm replacing my auto tranz with a 5 speed.do i need a special starter or can i use the new regular starter for the car?
  6. Its an 82 280zx.it is auto but i have a 5speed I'm putting in.I'm going tripple webbers.i think the radiator thing is a transmition cooler or something.my build is a mild street car.my engine has F54 block with closed chamber MN47 head that's been ported,polished,flowed etc... flat top pistons with 10:1 CR. Mild cam 280 durr 490lift.14lb flywheel with 5speed from turboz.MSA headers 2.25 ll the way back
  7. Hey Z'ers, I'm in the process of converting my Z to a 5 speed.do i still need the little radiator cooler in front of the car? Its hoses are in the way of my new radiator.also, since im going to caarbs do i need a dizzy off a older z? If so, which Z.
  8. So i take it that no one knows a experienced answer for this without me getting a book or diagram?...
  9. My engine consist of, F54 block 3.2L Flat top pistons w/molly rings Mild to high cam 280durr 490lift. head port and pollished. MN47 closed chamber head Tripple webbers 10:7:1 CR MSA headers with 2.25in free flow exhaust. 83' Turbo 5speed custom 11lb flywheel with aluminium drive shaft. not in car yet.still getting body pained.what would my horsepower be close to???
  10. Lol that's a funny way to put it.guess ill just do thar.but what about the large fuse box next to batery? Anything major? Do i still need my ECU for the car to run?
  11. I just want a straight answer..what stuff in the engine area can stay and or go? Wires etc...
  12. Hey Zers, I'm switching my 82 280zx to carbs.tripple webers.there are tons of wires in the engine area and I'm not sure what can go.there are fuse boxes etc..I'm not using power stearing or cruis control,AC ect... can i junk all the wires except for the lights?
  13. When switching to carbs.what do i need to keep? The engine compartment has a lot of boxes and wires.id like to know what can go, what can stay.thanks guys.sorry if this is in the wrong forum..still new
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