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  1. Hey Guys, I have battling this overheating issue. My car is a 1972 240z with an l28et, which is pretty much all stock. I have a new 3 row radiator from ebay, new oil cooler from ebay. The water pump is working. The motor has just been built and assembled. I show good compression and tested my thermostat to make sure that it opens. I have the heater core hooked in so that the water will go to the back of the motor as well. As soon as I get to operating temp around180 it climbs slowly in city like driving. I am not pounding the car. It only has 150 miles on it. I am just cruising with some small pulls. When sitting at lights it starts to climb. I have flushed the system 3 times last night and saw some stuff come out but nothing crazy. Any suggestions?
  2. 240z L28et Overheating

    One downside that I noticed is the huge amp draw. Normally I would not see this as a big issue, but its changing my afr as its really grabbing amps. I have a 60 amp alternator, but damn. It draws upwards of 35 amps when on. I might switch to half power instead and use a switch for the full power. Just an update.
  3. 78 280Z NA MS2 Setup

    I used the above for my z with the diy wheel and followed the instructions on Diy. This is how you and I tuned the car lol! Sorry if I am giving wrong info
  4. 78 280Z NA MS2 Setup

    The wiring is simple. Just hard to find a picture. This should help you if you reference diyautotune... You will be looking at the Dizzy Side for your wiring. So using the image... Red is 12v White is Trigger wire Black is Ground White and black are found in the tach shielded wires together in your harness. https://www.diyautotune.com/support/tech/install/nissan-datsun/megasquirt-your-280zx-turbo/
  5. Can't bleed my clutch 1976 280z coupe

    I have used an oil can and pumped the fluid up with success, I saw my fork move but still had problems with the car never getting into gear (always neutral). It turned out to be that I used the wrong throw out bearing sleeve. If you have driven your car and not have Issue I would assume this is not the case, but to check you can unbolt your slave cylinder and try to move the fork by hand. There should be some play. Mine had zero play meaning the clutch was always engaged. Had to pull the tranny off and and replace with the correct model for the clutch as the clutch determines the throw out bearing sleeve. I had a 240z clutch and was using a 280z sleeve. I ended up buying a 280zx turbo clutch and throw out sleeve and now my car drives great. Just a thought, probably not the issue.
  6. 240z L28et Overheating

    Good Question, I do not have ac, but was considering it as the prior owner had everything in it besides the compressor. To me, it most likely will hit the fan. Which pulley position does the ac run on in my setup? If its the small front one, I highly doubt it will clear. If its the second one the belt might squeeze by, but I don't know about the actual compressor mounted up. If that was the case you might want a slim single fan I don't know. I plan on putting ac in the car before the summer, but I don't know right now.
  7. 240z L28et Overheating

    The pulley sits between each fan with no issue.
  8. 240z L28et Overheating

  9. 240z L28et Overheating

    Sure. Ill post it tomorrow.
  10. 240z L28et Overheating

    They are set to high. I cut the connectors off. 2 blacks 2 blues for each connector. Using both they go on high. I cut about a half inch off the back of the shroud to clear my piping and water outlet. Note that my radiator is thicker than stock.Pully is in between both fans with no issue. I have the one with 3 belt options so it sticks out. With an ac compressor or other belts it might be close i dont know. I can take pictures after this weekend of specific areas of concern if your interested.
  11. 240z L28et Overheating

    After putting in the Altima Fan things are going fine. I had to cut a lot of it to fit as its wide and also to thick for the turbo piping I have at the top. It almost hits the radiator outlet to the water pump. I had to cut the radiator hose shorter so that It would move and successfully fit. My radiator is 25" across if I remember. I think the stock ones are 26". It works like a dream. I have it hooked up to my megasquirt via a relay. It kicks on at 180 and cools down to 170 in seconds. My heating problem is all solved. If I was to do it again I would try a fan and shroud built for the car as this was more work than I wanted and I had to redo some turbo piping to get it to fit which cost $. Shitty but Effective. If anyone is interested its from a 2001 nissan altima. I will do more testing and get back to you guys as I have a new 160 thermostat (i drilled holes in my last one), but not seeing overheating at all. Thanks everyone.
  12. Alternator Noise with MS2

    Hey guys, I got the 240z running now which is great but getting some noise from the alternator. I noticed this lately after my afr readings were different between the gauge and the ms2. I am using a lc-2. With the car off they read the same. With the car on they vary. After seeing that result i decided to check all my grounds and moved them proper. I then unplugged my alternator and boom! They were both perfect. Plug it back in... bad again. I decided it would be a good time to replace my alternator for a 280zx one which I did and still get the same result. Has anyone had this issue and resolved it or do you just adjust your afr reading in ms2 to match the gauge? Thanks for your help, Shane
  13. 240z L28et Overheating

    My guess is exactly what your saying. Fans need to turn off. and I need a shroud. I am receiving my altima fans and shroud today. I will take pictures of the install and do what seattlejester is suggesting. I will respond after testing. Thanks all!
  14. 240z L28et Overheating

    SORRY its a pull fan!!!! It supposed to mounted on the back of the radiator as pictured. I get them mixed up. With the fans on the air is going towards the motor. Pulling air through the radiator
  15. Alternator Noise with MS2

    This issue is resolved by adjusting calibration. Grounds are on the intake. Thanks everyone.
  16. 240z L28et Overheating

    Hey Guy, Sorry I have been waiting for an Altima fan setup. They are cheap push fans. 3 core ebay radiator. https://photos.app.goo.gl/VfX9sXi5k8S2QVyv2 I do not have a shroud. This altima fan setup does. I also am going to wire it to the megasquirt to turn on properly.
  17. 240z L28et Overheating

    I know I have some cheap ebay fans and I am going to get the dual altima fans with shroud. I would go for the Ford Taurus fans but I don't have room due to ic piping. I will do that and see my results and post this Saturday.
  18. 240z L28et Overheating

    I have two electric fans running. Always on. Still having issue. Intercooler is blocking but its not that huge.
  19. Alternator Noise with MS2

    Richard, I have got the 280zx alternator cranking out 13.5 volts. I have made the adjustments in Tunerstudio and will just be okay with it as no other reading is off besides the o2 reading. Also I have no problems getting into high rpms. As a final test I will be moving the ms2 away from other wiring and see the results. If nothing changes I will just be satisfied. I will look into the maxima alternator. Thanks, Shane
  20. Alternator Noise with MS2

    Richard, I have read your email. I have done all that your talking about. I moved o2 ground to intake on its own stud. There is a condenser on the alternator. I added a new ground strap from alternator. I put a capacitor inline to try to silence noise. Nothing worked.. only unplugging the alternator. I did notice that this is not very uncommon and I am only having issue with my o2 sensor. Nothing else is being affected. I will try moving my ms2 mounting position and see if that makes a difference but if not I am going to just adjust the afr voltage in tuner studio to match the gauge. I have done that now, but don't like masking a known problem. Thanks for your help
  21. Alternator Noise with MS2

    I also have a lot of capacitors laying around. I might try and add one inline with the 12v going to the ms2 or right before power gets to my entire fuse block that I have all my components running off of. I will message up my results. Thanks!
  22. Alternator Noise with MS2

    All grounds are present and placed on body. I am going to check by adding another ground to the alternator to see if that does anything.
  23. 5 Speed Transmission goes into gears, but is always in neutral.

    I have it resolved! I bought a new throw out collar and everything lined up. It was way too long! Thanks!
  24. Hey Guys, I have just swapped an l28et into my 72 240z and it runs great. I got a 5 speed with my car, but it was never installed so I thought now would be the time to install it. I do not know the prior condition of the transmission, but it moved through all gears fine. I took the fly wheel, clutch disk, pressure plate, throwout bearing etc from my l24 4 speed transmission and bolted it on newly built l28et. The new clutch kit I bought was not bolting up properly and the flywheel the l28et it came with was in bad shape so I went with the stuff I knew worked in my old l24. Here is the problem, I can move through the gears with the shifter like butter, no issues. If I put the car in gear with the car off and I get out of the car and push it.... It can move freely. I put it in any gear, and it moves freely. With the car on, same issues. It is always in neutral. I can start it, put it in first and it idles. Does anyone have some insight on what could be potentially causing this. Maybe the whole transmission is bad? I usually assumed that the transmission would not go into gears if there was an issue. It seems as if the clutch is not engaged at all. I appreciate your help in advance. Thanks, Shane
  25. Alternator Noise with MS2

    HuD 91gt, I will double check my body grounds and verify. I appreciate your response. Could be with all my changes that I forgot one of them.