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  1. I was just pulling my 240z out of the driveway and it died. I originally thought I might be low on gas but it turns out I am not getting spark. I connected my computer and it senses rpm. I can test the injectors and even hear the clicking in the cabin when doing a spark test but it's not creating a spark on the distributor. Do you have steps I could follow with a multimeter to figure out the exact issue? MS2 3.0 L28et. Single coil to stock distributor setup. Thanks, Shane
  2. I used harbor freight Sanders and a hand block kit. Very very important. Used the electric stuff to get the over Bondo off than used hand to finish it up
  3. Shit but effective means that the welds dont look pretty but it effectively shields from water and rust. It is non structural and hidden. If the weld is solid, grinded flat, and painted you would never tell the difference. It can be done properly with patience. Which I have. I will post pictures after. Thanks, Shane
  4. Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I bought the cheapest welder that HF has to offer! lol. I have seen others use this on a datsun and weld in panels without too much issue. I know it burns hot, I know it uses flux but I plan to do small beads and move around to get it done right. I am practicing with sheet metal now. If you think this is a very bad idea let me know, but after doing testing I think it can be done. Might not be the cleanest, but It can be done. My dad always tells me "SBE" Shitty but Effective. That's my goal.
  5. Your right. At the end of the day it will be worth it for me to learn. I can use it on other parts of the car later down the road. Also a good point as it is not visible and structural. If it doesn't look great who cares. I really appreciate your guy's responses. I think I will be going the diy route and buying welder. It will come in handy for sure! I will be posting my progress here later in the weekend and hopefully get it done in the next couple weeks after I feel comfortable welding. Thanks, Shane
  6. Well I got a quote.... $600. This is from Craigslist. At that price I feel like I should just buy a Vulcan 140 welder from Harbor Freight for $400 and make this a DIY. Practice for a week and go for it. Anyone here weld? Do you think it would be too ambitious of me to try to do it myself with little to no experience?
  7. Interesting. Did he do the same repair or something else?
  8. lol I need to find a buddy to weld. Well I guess I will start looking into it. Better sooner than later.
  9. To me, it just depends on how much worse. If its not going to change much in 3 years then i would rather wait. But it does suck to stare at it.
  10. Hey Guys, I just finished doing vinyl work on my car and forgot about a major rust area at the back hatch sill. My question is.. can I wait? I plan to get the car sandblasted, rust corrected and painted in 3 to 4 years and would like to hold off but I can tell its bad. I bought a replacement top sill but I know damage is done underneath. If I paid someone to do the bottom piece (fab and welding) would it be expensive? Say over $500. I am not comfortable welding. I am in California and owned the car for 2 years and never touched the rust knowing I need to asa
  11. Here is a video of the process that I did. Just a quick edit if you want to check it out.
  12. Yes. You tuck it under with the vinyl wrapping tool and I used like a tint square or interior trim tool. I used vinyl wrapping knifeless tape to cut it very close to the rubber and just tuck maybe an 1/8 to a 1/4 MAX of an inch under the rubber. I practiced before and I would used knifeless tape. I did the rear hatch by hand and messed up although you can't notice unless up close. The spots with damaged paint... I sanded. primed and painted. and sanded 1000 grit wet. It needs to be smooth like original paint to stick properly. I would do a good job painting because I had issue wit
  13. Hmm idk. You could ask a vinyl guy. Might need paint over it first.
  14. Thanks for the responses guys. I appreciate it! My car did look like shit for sure, but turned out okay. Wrapping the z is doable with patience's. If you paint it in good shape this is a good option for sure. I actually was just speaking with a guy who finished a 240z and he only charged 1500 which included the vinyl. I was thinking next time I would have them do it. It turned out great. Anyways here the final results!!! The hard part was taking off all the locks, windows, door handles, and finding the same bolts to put it back together.
  15. Hey guys, I got this car and never cared to look although I knew that I needed to add bump stops. The prior owner mentioned that he added lowering springs and that he forgot to add the bump stops. I really need to put those back in because going over any hair thin crack in the road causes my whole car shake. While I am at it changing those. Do these springs look overloaded? They have almost no play and look nearly bottomed out. Is this normal under load without bump stops? Thanks in advance, Shane
  16. Update.... Had the buckets wrapped. Car should be assembled this Sunday.
  17. I took the guts out of a 280z tach on eBay for 40 dollars and put it in the 240z housing, with 240z gauge plate and needle. Works perfect with my ms2 and cant see a difference. There is a guide out there for this. Like softtopz said might be other ways but its pretty darn simple. Shane
  18. Funny you say that. I built an MS2 from scratch for l28et, with stock dizzy and single coil and have the save issue with my leds. My board works. Car runs great. Everything works just no leds. In my opinion, if it works... it works. I worried about it for a while, but now I haven't thought about it until right now! BUT i did have all leds working on my megastim. Again if you see input in TunerStudio then your good in my experience. RPM will not be right unless you switch it to the correct setting for the megastim. Shane
  19. I ordered 50 feet but did not wrap the cowl or the front lower valiance. I still need to wrap the buckets and turn signals and am hopping I have enough. I would recommend 55 or more to be safe. I have almost no vinyl to spare. Also for testing purposes or if you make a mistake it would be good to have. Thanks Austenp! Exactly the goal not perfect, but enough to look pretty good!
  20. Hey Guys, I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do for color uniformity on my datsun. I really wanted to get the car sand blasted and do a complete overhaul, but after swapping a l28et in the car, building and installing the megasquirt, and all the other tid bits... I was way over budget to say the least. To be cost effective I decided to do a vinyl wrap. 3m vinyl to do the whole car was only 500 bucks! The car itself was in no shape for vinyl. It had chips, dings, rust, you name it. I had to do all the body work to straighten it out. Here is some before pic
  21. Amazing taaron thanks for posting that. I have mine rigged on and will use your attached file!
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