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  1. Hello guys I'm having issues with my 76 turbo swap z. I upgraded my rear to disk brakes maxima/300zx and Toyota vented up front. I installed a zx brake master cylinder and wilwood proportioning valve. I kept the brake distribution block by the firewall. Easy enough or so I thought. Now when I get the car out on the road it will run good for 30 minutes or so until my brakes heat up, my brake pedal goes stiff and brake response takes a dump. Any input would be awesome.
  2. Gsax

    240z, 260z, 280z Turbo Swap Guide

    So I'm confused , where does the blue and red wire get connected spliced too ??
  3. Gsax

    280z air dam wanted

    im looking for a 280z air dam preferably non ducted but im open to ducted aswell. im located in chicago willing to pay shipping.
  4. Gsax

    240z rails Found please close thread

    i have a set out of a 280, i would imagine that they would just bolt up.
  5. How much would shipping be to 60107?
  6. Gsax

    Wtb air dam

    I'm looking for a deems it dam to put on my 280z. If it's locally a round Chicago I'll take the drive. But if the price is right I'll pay for the shipping. Thanks
  7. Ok guys I currently have a l28 that's seized. I will rebuild the motor later on. So I purchased a good l24 with e88 head. My question is can I swap heads (n47) into the l24 so I do t have to buy xtra parts to make the car run.? Do I have to modify anything so this can work ?