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  1. My 240 rb26 build

    Nice job Lee. I was thinking a brace across the back to hold the two aft lower control arms together. The Arizona Z setup has a billet bracket that tie the two together. With all the torque your producing, those two must be trying to pulling themselves apart. A simple strap across the bottom, picking up the two bolts on either side would really box everything together. Your pinion mount is making my brain think of way to correct an alignment issue I have with my car. Good luck with the test drive! Gord
  2. Installing Bad Dog frame rails

    I also removed the original frame rails. I also replaced the floors. See the link below for some pictures of what I did. You should be OK to just add the BDFR right over top of originals. I probably went overkill...I tend to do that. http://forums.nicoclub.com/z-floor-pan-replacement-t430045.html I think you are OK as far as not bending the structure when removing the floors and rails. Gord
  3. Where to buy Rb26DETT

    I also bought an SR20 from Toronto JDM. It was a few years back, but it was in very good shape. They seemed to be professional about the whole deal. I see they also sell Rb's.
  4. RB26 Cam Cover Breathers

    I used -12 bungs. I think the -12 is a little overkill.
  5. Where to buy Rb26DETT

    PM'd you Had great success with Raw Brokerage.
  6. 1970 Datsun 240z "Retro Rocket Ship"

    I'm still here Probably not getting rid of or leaving the Z world, but I am in the market for my next project.
  7. My 240 rb26 build

    That sucks! Hopefully not damaged too bad.
  8. Unnatural Aspiration part 3

    Well...It was fun while it lasted. I really enjoyed your postings and it was fun to watch you build. Heres to you sir *clink* cheers. I Hope you get some good money out of her. Gord
  9. My 240 rb26 build

    Looking real good. Good luck with the debt thing.
  10. I actually tried to get 245/45 and they were unavailable in the Michelin PS2s. I have the 245/50s and they fit perfect. I'm sure you can go either way. gord
  11. Hey guys... I think if I had a bit more time to get some R compound tires, I would have done a little better. Steve Doherty (Nissan Driver) could lock up wheels at ant time so I think the "lack of brakes" may being overplayed.That 370 was a monster and stopped on a dime. Just plane hard to beat. We still had a bunch of fun out there in Vegas. And I have a big thanks to everybody over here on Hybrid Z to thanks for my inspiration. I can't tell you how many hours I spent pouring over the articles on this web site. Gord
  12. My 240 rb26 build

    I can't hear anything. Can you hear a knock? Think positive. This will be minor (please be minor)....
  13. Show off your RB engine bay

    I might as well throw a few pictures of my 240Z in here.
  14. My 240 rb26 build

    Me too. The carbonetics needs to get hot. It's a blast at the race track hammering it really hard all day. Marsh mellow soft when pussy footing around town, less drama at the lights. Kind of a pain in the butt when staging for 1/4 mile. Most slippage from 3rd to 4th for me. About 100MPH. I'm only 360HP. I can't imagine what you are doing at your HP.
  15. My 240 rb26 build

    Hope to see some video's of the car running soon. It is turning out pretty awesome. Great Job! Gord