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  1. Hey guys, Just replaced all of my bulbs with LED bulbs in my 78 280z. All work fine except my rear hazards. My front LED turn signal bulbs blink fine for turn or hazard mode. As soon as I remove and replace both original halogen rear bulbs, they turn solid and no longer flash. I can replace one rear with an LED and another with a halogen and they blink. It appears the old style rear bulbs are causing something to happen that the new LED's are not. Any idea what is going on? Appreciate it!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Issue is, car never did it for years, now it does. It definetly doesnt sound like something that it should do either. It sounds just like a rapid fire clicking for about 1.5 seconds then goes away. Very odd.
  3. Hey guys, I have a 76 280z with stock L28. When I turn the ignition over to run, as to engage the fuel pump, everything works fine. Pump turns on, car will start and run smoothly. If I engage the fuel pump and let the car sit before actually turning the motor over, a clicking noise comes from the area of the injectors. It can only be described as a "electronic click" that lasts about 1.5 seconds. It does not sound healthy, almost like a electrical short. I disconnected all injectors and tried again, noise gone. I then individually plugged the injectors in one by one, and each one of the "clicked" one by one. Anyone have any experience with this? I can only assume this isn't good. Thanks!
  4. jersey280

    Fuse #8 please help!?

    Based on my "investigation" the only 2 issues ive located so far were the blown bulb (which i removed) and the hack job marker light (cut it). I suppose my question is, in an attempt to limit possibilities, would either of those two things ive done potentially cause a short? Does a bulb need to be in place to complete a circuit on this car? Thanks
  5. Hey guys, Have a 1976 280Z. Every time I turn on my headlights, I can visually watch fuse number 8 (top right fuse) blow. The headlights themselves do work, along with my brake lights and hazard lights. What doesn't work is my running lights/side marker or blinkers. I've inspected and cleaned every single bulb socket and checked for frayed wires. Additionally, a few months ago I rebuilt combination switch which worked perfectly.I only identified two possible issues, one being a blown passenger side rear running light, which I've removed. The passenger side marker light appeared to have a old splice job on it so I removed it temporarily. I'm not sure if the one blown buld and the removed side marker would cause a short in the system? Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, Own a 76 280z which I recently competed the Toyota 4x4 brake swap on. Additionally, I swapped the master cylinder with a 280zx for better pedal feel. All items are new refurbished from Rockauto. It was my first time "bench bleeding" a master cylinder, didn't seem too difficult and I did my best. I reinstalled the MC and for some reason I cannot seem to bleed these brakes. I have used the 2 person technique and I have the 1 person hand suction pump. I slowly move fluid from the MC reservoirs using the hand pump but I cannot get it to go to solid fluid, its always an air fluid mix and unable to get a pedal. I have read online that just incase I had completed the bench bleed of the MC incorrectly, that I would still be able to bleed the brakes. Is this not the case with our car? Am I missing something here? Did I get trash parts from Rockauto? Any help or ideas I appreciate, Thanks so much! -Jersey280
  7. Yeah I wired all 3 smaller gauges and tested them. All gave a signal and produced illumination. Then I moved along to the speedo and tach, which ultimately caused the 3 small gauges to stop powering on.
  8. Morning guys! Own a 1976 280z stock. I recently received a very generous Christmas gift of full Intellitronix gauges for the Z (Speedo, Tach, Fuel, WTemp, Oil press). I am trying to delete the clock and voltage meter. Each gauge comes with 4 wires (Power, Ground, Signal, Highlight Dim) I have installed the Fuel, Wtemp and oil pressure gauge in the appropriate location by cutting the connector off the stock gauge, splicing and taping into the connector with the new gauge and then plugging it into the stock harness via the stock connector. I was able to get a image and reading from all three gauges. I then decided it was time to move along to the speedo and tach. As soon as I removed the tach/speedo I have lost all power to my 3 smaller gauges. I attempted to reinstall them but realized I had already "hacked" into the tach with the new tachometer so its not possible for me to recreate a stock tach setup. I don't seem to understand why this is happening, checked all fuses as well. Is it a better idea for me to wire all the gauges off 1 power, 1 grnd, 5 individual signal wires, and 1 headlight dim wire? I apologize if this is vague, electrical work is daunting. Thanks for any input!
  9. Hey guys, May have a hook up with a transmission guy on willing to do side work and rebuild my 1978 5sp, I believe its a fs5w71b. I have been researching rebuild kits and have found plenty of options. A few kits on ebay are extremely affordable as well. I want the kit to be legit and reliable. With that said, I don't want to pay for something that isnt necessary. I feel some of the Z only stores have jacked up prices on things and am just looking to pay for what something is worth. Does anyone have experience with an affordable kit or should I just bite the bullet and potentially over pay from zcarsource or zstore? Thanks -Jersey280
  10. Thanks for the responses! I would love to see a around a 9" rear wheel with a 265-275 on it with a 7"-8" front with a 225-235. Just seeing if anyone has something around that and what offset would be needed ect. Thanks againt
  11. Hey guys, I have located several topics regarding maximum wheel size on my S30. Unfortunately, the information is all over the place and hard to decipher. I own a 1976 280z with stock brakes, Tokico lowering springs with Tokico HP shocks. Additionally, I order the ZG style 3" rear 2" front fender flares that I plan to install. I am currently interested in either 16" or 15" wheels and am trying to obtain as large of a rear tire as possible with a staggered front wheel/tire size. I am not trying to push the limits with size to an uncomfortable level and realize that their are some manufacturing tolerance differences between cars. Does anyone know approximately how wide a wheel, offset, ect and tire combo that I can use with this set up without running into issues? Thanks for any information! -Jersey280
  12. Hey guys, Small issue with my fuel gauge on my 1976 280z L28. Recently had my fuel sending unit rebuilt, which turned out fantastic. While testing the unit I was able to determine that when I move the lever to the "full" position it moves the interior gauge needle well past the full line and when I move the lever to the empty position it rests in the half full position on the gauge. Is there something I can do to adjust the needle on this gauge or is it deeper then that? Thanks a lot!
  13. SOLVED Although all lights flashed and illuminated, all it needed was a new front turn signal bulb. Works like a charm now. Thanks for the help.
  14. Hey guys, Own a 1976 280z with a swapped 1978 280z L28 in it. When I purchased the car the P.O advised that the turn signal did not operate. After just recently completing the swap and getting my car running, I decided to attack the turn signal issue. At the time, the signal was clearly dirty and operated sloppy. No indicator on the dash nor did any of the lights work when you tried to use it. I found the write up online on how to clean and adjust it and did so. I was able to make it look and operate flawlessly. I have perfect ohm readings between all connections when table tested. I then reinstalled it into the vehicle, this is the odd part. I now get complete functionality of my right turn signal but not the left. When I press it into the left, it triggers the relay, blinks twice and stays solid. The dash indicator works for both sides. I thought maybe I repaired it incorrectly, but decided to test a jumper wire instead. I jumped the connector for the turn signal where it meets the "harness". When I use a jumper wire and jump the right turn signal, it operates perfectly. When I jump the left turn signal it does exactly what it does at the switch. I believe that eliminates it being a bad turn signal switch? Any ideas on where to look next? Would a bad relay work for one side and not the other? Only additional weird thing I found was that my hazard switch works fine until I put the key in the on or run position, then it shuts off and my blinkers only work when the car is on the run position. Hope that made sense! Thanks ahead of time!
  15. Thanks again zed. I will try it out and post the results.