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  1. 81 s130 t top

    Switched up my project a lot. If there's any interest I'll update this thread. Just let me know.
  2. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    So I should go back to the one I had modified? The pic is stock vs modified
  3. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    So this correct?
  4. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    Tomball/magnolia area
  5. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    While im waiting for my mounts and oil pan to get here can someone point me in the direction of the best wiring write up for a zx? or is the one that is a sticky on here the best?
  6. 81 s130 t top

    Went ahead and ordered a oil pan from pat1. Hopefully will have the motor and trans mounted next weekend. But it just depends on when I get the pan.
  7. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    I have replacement ones coming from a guy. So when those get here I'll install and post a pic then.
  8. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    The one one the motor is what came with it. And the black ones are the ones I ordered. You can see the one that was modified to match.
  9. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    Those mounts appear to be at a 90 degree angle. The other guy I seen pics of with a rb20 in his s130 had the mounts with like 45 angles. That's what makes me question it.
  10. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    Are yalls trans straight in there or slanted? Wanna know how mine should look.
  11. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    I had the motor trans in there but was concerned with how it was sitting in there. The shifter was more towards the passenger side of the hole in the floor, meaning the motor was in there at a angle.
  12. 79 Resto Mod

    Block sanding is just so much fun. haha
  13. 79 Resto Mod

    Anymore progress on your build?
  14. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    Any one else's return line hit the steering unit?
  15. PICS of Rb20 mounts wanted

    The wrong ones apparently. Haha. My engine only came with one so I bought a pair off flebay and apparently they were for a different rb. I've also heard that the bolts holes on the crossmember may need to be slotted. Any one have any input?