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  1. 280Dread

    Did you spray or brush it on?
  2. 280Dread

    Ohh! almost forgot, got my 2jz to R-series bell housing and rear sump pan (to convert the Aristo 2jz to rear sump). I also had a sump added to my gas tank since I plan to run and external in-line fuel pump. I will try to grab pictures of those next time, hopefully.
  3. 280Dread

    Progress: ... has been slow. I have spent more time doing things to be able to do things I want to do than actually doing the things i want to do. Anyways here are some random happening: Got some parts: They are not all pictured but they include: - Silvermine front big brake kit - 300zx rear disc conversion kit (Z Car Depot) - ST racing sway bars (Z Care Depot) - Full Energy Suspension bushing kit (I should have read the paperwork for this because I already threw out some of the outer bushing and this kit reuses them) - all new bearing, tie rod ends etc. Was especially excited for the BC coils (Actually had these welded to the spindles already will get some pics later - I personally do not like the welds that were done though): Started some stripping when I had nothing else to do: There was dust: Got a little workspace set up: Started working on building a rotisserie. It's my first time welding, so the weld's aren't the prettiest. Hope they're strong enough though. I actually finished with both of the verticals for the rotisserie, just forgot to take pictures - there a a glimpse of them in the bottom right of the first workspace picture. Generally speaking I never remember or care too much to stop to take pictures. Next: 1. Finish rotisserie 2. get the car up 3. Strip to bare metal 4. Blast and strip suspension components (A-arms etc) 5. Add bad dog frame rails 6. Undercoat 7. Paint suspension components For 6. and 7. I am actually considering using bed liner. I have heard some good things about it in that it is cost effective and forgiving yet durable per some hot rodder forums. We'll see how it goes. Also, to anyone who decides to follow this, you should know updates will be rear and incoherent.
  4. 280Dread

    In the Bay Area. East Bay.
  5. Hello from Northern California

    here is my intro: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/126224-norcal-n00b/ and my build page that i started: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/126226-280dread/ right now they are identical, but I just got a bunch of parts and plan to spend all of next week working on it so hopefully there is some progress
  6. Hello from Northern California

    ahh. you're a ways out there. and i don't know if that counts as north bay either.
  7. NorCal N00b

    I'm on the east bay. Working out of Hayward. The car came with a set of flares, they're just not pictured.
  8. 280Dread

    Week 1 (Just one Saturday): Purchased rolling shell. Week 2 (Friday and Saturday): Tear-down and removal of all that old dry hard sound deadening
  9. New guy in nor cal

    Hi, I just joined. NorCal as well. Bay area (east bay). Good luck with your build and hope to see more of it.
  10. Hello from Northern California

    Whereabouts in norcal are you? I just joined here as well, I am on the east bay.
  11. New Z owner in the Bay Area, Ca

    I'm just joined here. I'm on the east bay. See my intro post here: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/126224-norcal-n00b/
  12. NorCal N00b

    Hi, New here. Always loved Datsuns since i drove a 80s 910 (known as a Nissan Bluebird in my parts) when i first started driving. I have been meaning to build one for a long time and recently picked up one. I plan to do a 'full' restoration/build. What I bought: What i have done so far. My ultimate goal is a 600ish rwhp 2JZGTE VVTi mated to a Aisin AR5 with an OBX LSD in the back. But for now I plan to aim for 400 on stock internals with the stock turbos. My parts arriving this week are: From JPNGarageBC Racing coilovers From Z Car DepotFront Wheel bearing Kit Energy Suspension poly-bushing kit Tie-rods and ball joints ST Suspensions sway bar set (front and rear) weather stripping Rear disk brake conversion kit From Silvermine motorsportsFront brake upgrade kit (these are the Toyota big calipers) My aim for this weekend and next week is: 1. Scrape and recoat underside 2. Put suspension and brakes back together
  13. I just wanted to add to this old outdated thread. I just order these from JPNGARAGE. I would strongly advise anyone looking into these to go ahead and give them a call/email. they are very convenient and knowledgeable. I need to have mines sooner than their usual lead time since i am doing my build in rented space and they were very good at accommodating me.