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  1. Ohh! almost forgot, got my 2jz to R-series bell housing and rear sump pan (to convert the Aristo 2jz to rear sump). I also had a sump added to my gas tank since I plan to run and external in-line fuel pump. I will try to grab pictures of those next time, hopefully.
  2. Progress: ... has been slow. I have spent more time doing things to be able to do things I want to do than actually doing the things i want to do. Anyways here are some random happening: Got some parts: They are not all pictured but they include: - Silvermine front big brake kit - 300zx rear disc conversion kit (Z Car Depot) - ST racing sway bars (Z Care Depot) - Full Energy Suspension bushing kit (I should have read the paperwork for this because I already threw out some of the outer bushing and this kit reuses them) - all new bearing, tie rod ends etc.
  3. Week 1 (Just one Saturday): Purchased rolling shell. Week 2 (Friday and Saturday): Tear-down and removal of all that old dry hard sound deadening
  4. I just wanted to add to this old outdated thread. I just order these from JPNGARAGE. I would strongly advise anyone looking into these to go ahead and give them a call/email. they are very convenient and knowledgeable. I need to have mines sooner than their usual lead time since i am doing my build in rented space and they were very good at accommodating me.
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