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  1. Does AOD fit my 73 240z 5.0L conversion?

    There was an AOD in the 72 I bought. No tunnel mods and the mount was flat bar stock with a cable mount from the stock Nissan shifter. I am selling the entire drive line in Parts if u want it
  2. Selling drivetrain from a Fox Body Mustang GT that was in the 72Z I am doing a Laine conversion on. Engine is complete except for distributor, injectors and fuel lines. Bores look good but no clue as to bottom end. Headers, starter water, pump attached. I would run it on a stand before install $150, pickup only. AOD is complete, fluid was clean. $75, pickup only. 8.8" rear axle complete from hub to hub with disk brakes and air shocks with 3 link. $100, pickup only. email if u want photos [email protected]