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  1. Beechboy

    240Z Horn Button Refab

    Do u have any of the horn contact plastic mounts that attach the copper strip to the multi switch? Mine is broken where they usually crack, right through the attachment screw hole. If so please message me with details.
  2. This live axle conversion came out of a late 72 Z. disk brakes, panhard rod, air shocks. pads for coils, but none were in place. Comes with brackets as removed from car. 4 bolt hubs fit 14" Z alloys (also available as is shortened driveshaft to Ford OD auto). Diff has an integral rear cover (Explorer?, Mustang Cobra?). Ive not pulled diff so no idea if its open or LSD, nor ratio. $100, pickup in Marina del Rey 90292 only
  3. Beechboy

    Does AOD fit my 73 240z 5.0L conversion?

    There was an AOD in the 72 I bought. No tunnel mods and the mount was flat bar stock with a cable mount from the stock Nissan shifter. I am selling the entire drive line in Parts if u want it
  4. Selling drivetrain from a Fox Body Mustang GT that was in the 72Z I am doing a Laine conversion on. Engine is complete except for distributor, injectors and fuel lines. Bores look good but no clue as to bottom end. Headers, starter water, pump attached. I would run it on a stand before install $150, pickup only. AOD is complete, fluid was clean. $75, pickup only. 8.8" rear axle complete from hub to hub with disk brakes and air shocks with 3 link. $100, pickup only. email if u want photos ezzellp@gmail.com