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  1. 280Z Alternator Problem

    Managed to get the alternator replaced. Immediately its putting out 14v! Definitely looks like that was my problem. Now I just have to do some positioning better because the belt is squealing. Definitely looks like that solved my problem! Can't believe they even bother telling you your clearly busted alternator is still good.
  2. 280Z Alternator Problem

    Aw man thats not great to hear about the results. So is it right in thinking that because it is putting out such a low voltage chances are it is bad?
  3. 280Z Alternator Problem

    I thought that the 78 was a direct swap and didn't require the whole external regulator procedure.
  4. So I have a 78 280z that I rescued from an abusive home a few months ago. Didn't run at all when I got it, but thats since changed. I've been test driving it and it died on me the other day. It led me to believe I have charging issues. I took a look at the alternator and its a recent upgrade from a 81 NA 280zx. The alternator itself is only putting out 12.3v when idling at 1300rpm. The "L" cable is only putting out roughly 11.8v into the alternator. When I swap this with a hot wire from my battery thats putting out 12.3v, the alternator starts making unbearable noises. From what I've read online, this zx alternator should be putting out ~14v constantly, however I've never seen above 12.5. I took it off and took it to autozone where they tested it twice and said it was fine. Battery is also brand new, bought it at most a month ago. I'm stuck, because the longer the car seems to be on, the more it seems to be draining. And after 15-20 minutes it will just be too drained to run and will die.