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  1. taaron

    280zx Dash in a 280z

    So I've got a 78 280z. I'm looking to replace my center gauges with a tablet, which is going to mean modding my dashboard a bit. I recently for the first time, took a look at the 280zx dash and realized I liked the look of it/the style could make my install easier. Has anyone ever put the zx dash in the z? I know the car is a little wider but I wasn't sure if maybe it'd be a close fit.
  2. taaron

    Custom 3D Printed Fender Mirrors

    They are turn signals! I haven't had a chance to test their output yet. But I've deleted a lot of lights on my car, and wanted to have some kind of signal output that was different.
  3. taaron

    Custom 3D Printed Fender Mirrors

    I've heard good things about PETG. I went to pick some up this weekend and bought the wrong size hahaha. Its nice having the second set available to measure off because its surprisingly flexible. Originally I had a 3mm shell but I honestly think I may drop it down to a 2mm solid. Guess thats the nice thing with having the printer, can experiment as much as I want. I can take some pictures of the one I have at home, but its not the method I'm going to go. Unfortunately thats the part I want to keep secret until I have everything finished.
  4. taaron

    Custom 3D Printed Fender Mirrors

    Yeah, PLA isn't a good option specifically for the temperature. The outside of the car can fairly easily getting hotter than the glass transition temp of the PLA (un-annealed) and can start to deform fairly quickly. Yeah as far as finishing goes, the thought was give ABS an acetone bath to help seal it up then prime and paint like any other part.
  5. Hey everyone, so I've finally got my car back to where I can start making parts for it. I came up with this design for custom fender mirrors and wanted to see what people thought. Right now they're just printed in PLA (easy and available) but the final product I'd like to get done in ABS or ASA. Has anyone ever printed parts in either of these materials that then lived outside? I've heard ABS isn't great with UV however in researching commercially available fender mirrors, most are also made of ABS. Anyway, onto the design. The idea behind everything was a transition from retro to modern. I wanted to slope the mirror out of the fender, however I did want to keep the classic bullet look, so I tried to make it look fluid. There's a hollow tube for running all the wires through it. The backside features a small turn signal light, the mirror side is going to be something special. I don't want to get too far into it, but the idea is it'll will fix my biggest issue with fender mirrors, their uselessness. If the reception is good, it'd be something I'd consider trying to manufacture (I could do custom designs). Diameter is 90mm, length is ~150mm, height is ~140mm. Ignore the roughness residual from the printing.
  6. taaron

    Fun with Rustoleum (engine bay)

    Bay looks awesome! I'm in a similar boat where I need some space in my garage back and the engine sitting outside the car is taking up too much space, so I was going to spray just like you did. Glad to hear the mixture worked out, I may follow the same path!
  7. taaron


    Thank you so much!! I definitely had this completely bass ackwards. Got this bookmarked now!
  8. taaron


    So I've got a question about the plumbing with this type of rail. I've got one similar that I built, with one inlet and one outlet. I've also got an Aeromotive Fuel Regulator installed inline (2 inlet/outlet, 1 return). I was wondering how I should go about running the lines (I was having trouble for a while getting the car running under any load, and I think I may have been starving fuel). Do I take the line from the fuel pump into inlet/outlet port 1, then inlet/outlet port 2 to the fuel rail which should dead end, and then my return line goes back to my fuel tank?
  9. taaron

    Gollum's DD L28ET 75'

    Oh man. I thought I was alone with a PO that crazy. My PO "repaired" the floor boards with a harbor freight welder and Great Stuff in all the holes.
  10. taaron

    EDIS Setup for 280z

    I've seen it and definitely on my list. I'm semi afraid of having to source all the separate parts hence why I wanted to see if anyone is looking to part with a setup. If not I'll more than likely go your route!
  11. taaron

    EDIS Setup for 280z

    Looking to go distributorless. Wanted to see if someone had an EDIS setup that they were looking to part with. Would be going on a 78 L28. Located in Denver but willing to pay for shipping.
  12. taaron

    N47 Turbo Possibility

    Sorry should have added. Already running a full megasquirt 2 system (280zx turbo dist and everything).
  13. So I've been trying to decide on an engine to put into my 78 project for some time. And this week I've had a few different chances fall through. A little disheartening, but got me thinking about alternatives. I currently have a 78 with a N42 block and an N47 head. Not looking for a response to this of, buy a P90 head, I know the head I have is the "least desirable" head out there. But I already have it. I believe this means I have the dished pistons, and a compression ratio of about 8.3:1. Say I wanted to take the turbo exhaust manifold off a 280zx, ignoring the different shaped exhaust ports, could I bolt this on? It seems like 8.3 is terribly high and wouldn't be terrible for turboing in theory. Especially if I put on a 2mm metal head gasket to try and lower compression a bit further. Also, if I could do this, would running an intercooler and potentially meth allow me to run this is a little harder a little safer?
  14. taaron

    VQ35 HR Swap

    Did you ever wind up selling this?
  15. taaron


    I can vouch for Chickenman and I know many others can. Hes been super helpful, working with me being a pain in the ass and my less than ideal hardware setup