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  1. So can you explain the advantage of the rear lower control arm being mounted to the main lower control arm. i understand the need for alignment. I assume its for some sort of geometry adjustment while suspension is under compression. Thanks for the explanation. Roger
  2. When you got the new frame rails for the chassis, were they cnc bent? I' considered doing something like that to my car, but maybe a little lighter weight. I saw the Art Morrison front suspension specs and I like that. I had considered digitizing the corvette sub frames and narrowing them up to fit and then duplicating them in chromoly to use the c6 front suspension and brakes. I haven't gotten my mind wrapped around the rear suspension yet. Cheers
  3. Awesome Project. And undying dedication. I'm a composites fabricator so I know the discipline it takes to do what you've done. I also like seeing the c6 corvette components as i track day a c6 z06. Have you had a chance to make the shake down runs and get any performance info. I was going to install a vq35 in my Z. But I've decided to go with a 4 banger SR20det. Id love for you to make a few of the parts you made for me, specifically the dash and front end. and rear diffuser. No need for me to reinvent the wheel What size wheels are on the car. Cheers Roger
  4. First post, new member. I searched with no luck. Maybe I just don't know my way around the site yet So, I'm swapping in a SR20DET and trans. I don't have the sr20det components here yet so I can't measure. I want to know where the SR20DET trans shifter location is in relation to the factory Z shifter. The car is being built up as a track day car. I want the lighter weigh and shorter engine to change front to rear balance. So I want to slide the SR back as far as possible to help that. I was wondering what kind of mods I'll have to make to get the shifter close to the same location. the engine is a s13 from a 180sx. Below is a pic of the 5 speed trans for the SRI. Thanks for your help Roger