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  1. Hi, i just intalled my aftermarket recliner seats in my project and now the problem is that my oem seatbelts are to short to be buckle up when the seats are moved foward.... Anybody experienced this? Im trying to find an easy fix for this... Thanks a lot!
  2. Really good to know! Was it expensive to get it repaired?
  3. Yeah i saw those.... Pretty expensive and i have to get it shipped to canada. I was trying to find a cheaper option. I will make some testing with my 240z sender this weekend.
  4. Hi, i had a hard time finding a replacement 280z fuel sender for my 77' so i finally bought a 240z one since a nissan dealer got them in stock and they are supposedly interchangeable. Now my question is, how should i position it in my 280z tank? With the float working side to side OR front to rear? Thanks in advance!
  5. Yep thanks wiring is ok. I found the problem, the voltage meter got damaged/jammed by sandlast media going in there during restoration process.... Will try to find another gauge..... Thanks everyone for your help!
  6. Gauge is not reading and light wasnt working yes.... I did a wiring cleanup when doing my swap and the charging light is not hooked anymore, but i have 12v on the gauge red/white wire. Seems like the gauge needs something else to work correctly, it was working before my swap.... I can get the charging light working by putting voltage on the blue wire but the gauge is still not reading voltage at all....
  7. Hi, anyone got the stock volt gauge working with an ls swap? My sytem is charging according to my fitech handheld but nothing on the gauge. I presume my problem is the charging light not working on the gauge, bulb is good i tested it, but i dont know where to hook up the "L" wire on my LS alternator... Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks Miles! Ill take some mesurements for the rear ones!
  9. Hey thanks Miles! Ill take some mesurements and order the lines. ;)
  10. Good infos there.... Thats pretty much what i came up with.... Would just need to know the right length for braided lines.... Im about to order 12" lines for both front and rear wich i presume would be ok..... Ill probably get those lines witht the 90 degree adapter at the end to connect to the calipers....
  11. Thread resurection....What length do you guys use for the braided flex lines on a setup like this (S12w) Im also wondering for the rear with maxima calipers.... Just want to order the right lines. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, im doing my brake setup on my 280z build using S12W calipers front and maxima calipers rear, 15/16 front master, stock proportioning valve delete. I tought i had to put my proportioning valve on the rear brake lines as usual but now ive read on another thread that the maxima calipers are not well matched to the S12W resulting in too much front bias........ Any confirmation on this and is there a fix for the problem? Thanks in advance!
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