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  1. Thanks Miles! Ill take some mesurements for the rear ones!
  2. Hey thanks Miles! Ill take some mesurements and order the lines. ;)
  3. Good infos there.... Thats pretty much what i came up with.... Would just need to know the right length for braided lines.... Im about to order 12" lines for both front and rear wich i presume would be ok..... Ill probably get those lines witht the 90 degree adapter at the end to connect to the calipers....
  4. Thread resurection....What length do you guys use for the braided flex lines on a setup like this (S12w) Im also wondering for the rear with maxima calipers.... Just want to order the right lines. Thanks in advance!
  5. Do you run any proportioning valve at all?
  6. Hi, im doing my brake setup on my 280z build using S12W calipers front and maxima calipers rear, 15/16 front master, stock proportioning valve delete. I tought i had to put my proportioning valve on the rear brake lines as usual but now ive read on another thread that the maxima calipers are not well matched to the S12W resulting in too much front bias........ Any confirmation on this and is there a fix for the problem? Thanks in advance!
  7. mforget

    R200 pinion flange nut torque

    Yeah my mistake....
  8. Same for me.....Thanks for the help!
  9. mforget

    R200 pinion flange nut torque

    Hi, anyone knows the approximate torque needed for the nut after a pinion seal replacement? I know its supposed to be a lot less than what the FSM reccomend but i cant get a good answer on this.... Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi, i just tried to install my steering rod on my build using cxracing complete swap kit, seems like the rod hits the left side engine mount preventing me from bolting the steering rod upper coupler. I will have to modify the engine mount to make the rod clear. Just wanted to know if anyone else ran into this problem. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, sorry if this has been already discussed but after all my research on the web, i didnt find any clear answer concerning the use of the stock 280z clutch master cylinder with a T56 6 speed tranny... Is it adequate or no? I know people do replace them with more recent units from tilton etc... but is it a necessity? Thanks in advance!
  12. Yess in fact! Thanks!
  13. Hey thanks for the reply! I already have the stagg shocks and vogtland springs in stock.... I would try it without camber plates if i am sure that everything will clear.... Should have go with the BC coilovers.....I would not have this dilemma right now.... Thanks for your help! Im in Quebec province.
  14. Hi, im doing a full restoration of my 280z and i am wondering if front camber plates/rear camber bushings are mandatory for a street build running 15x9 -15 offset wheels and 245 wide tires at 4 corners under zg flares, on stock replacement stagg shocks and vogtland springs. Any advice on this would be really appreciated since i would weld the camber plates if needed before repainting my engine bay. Thanks in advance!