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  1. Randomcow

    15" panasport wheels Sold!!!!!

    What are the sizes? Width, offset.
  2. I currently have the shorties on my car, for some reason I can't get them to seal up properly, maybe warped the flange. I just received my long tubes from cx racing, they seem to be well built, the flange is super thick compared to the shorties I had, plus stainless is nice. Ill give more info once I get them on.
  3. Randomcow

    Ignition Relay 1978

    Ah, I thought yours was bad which was why I was gonna send it over. If yours is still good ill hold onto this for when someone needs a replacement.
  4. Randomcow

    Ignition Relay 1978

    I think it would be around $15 or something with UPS ground.
  5. Randomcow

    Manual transmission options

    You can try browsing some mustang forums. I got mine off a 2007 saleen extreme mustang. They used an upgraded t56 that year for some reason, you just need to change the bell housing and offset lever from a camaro or firebird. Plus most people on mustang forums don't want them, I got mine shipped for $1500. Bell housing was $176 and lever was $52.
  6. Randomcow

    Ignition Relay 1978

    opened it up and from the looks of it the previous owner must have replaced it at some point, seems almost new.
  7. Randomcow

    Ignition Relay 1978

    I have a used one off my 78 you can have if you want.
  8. I have them on my car, no issues with brakes or suspension. I have rear disc setup, so not sure with drums. 20mm spacers on rear. These are the 0 offset model.
  9. I would also check local laws, I had yellow headlights on my old 240sx and was pulled over as a result. Might not be an issue up north though.
  10. Ha! Sometimes sleep just doesn't happen. I am about 15k miles into this swap, no structural issues so far. Only items that are giving me problems so far are the cheapo radiator I got and some electrical demons. Next step is the read end for sure.
  11. It's a t-56, my friend made the mount for me. Kind of a dark photo, but only one I have right now.
  12. Here are some pics using dirty dingo street rod mounts. Let's you drop the steering rack and k-member without having to do anything with the motor as well. Using a low mount alternator. Clearance with steering shaft: How it sits:
  13. Randomcow

    LQ4 Swap help

    First word: adjective, second word: animal Result? Shop Name. Personally I like the sound of Clever Penguin.
  14. Randomcow

    LQ4 Swap help

    I used the dirty dingo mounts, not exactly bolt in, but it is another option: http://dirtydingo.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=1_206_305_321&products_id=1316
  15. Randomcow

    WTB L28ET in Georgia Area

    Not a turbo motor, but I am about to pull the l28 out of my 78, about 90k original miles on it. I am in the Atlanta area. Paul