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  1. 15" panasport wheels Sold!!!!!

    What are the sizes? Width, offset.
  2. I currently have the shorties on my car, for some reason I can't get them to seal up properly, maybe warped the flange. I just received my long tubes from cx racing, they seem to be well built, the flange is super thick compared to the shorties I had, plus stainless is nice. Ill give more info once I get them on.
  3. Ignition Relay 1978

    Ah, I thought yours was bad which was why I was gonna send it over. If yours is still good ill hold onto this for when someone needs a replacement.
  4. Ignition Relay 1978

    I think it would be around $15 or something with UPS ground.
  5. Manual transmission options

    You can try browsing some mustang forums. I got mine off a 2007 saleen extreme mustang. They used an upgraded t56 that year for some reason, you just need to change the bell housing and offset lever from a camaro or firebird. Plus most people on mustang forums don't want them, I got mine shipped for $1500. Bell housing was $176 and lever was $52.
  6. Ignition Relay 1978

    opened it up and from the looks of it the previous owner must have replaced it at some point, seems almost new.
  7. Ignition Relay 1978

    I have a used one off my 78 you can have if you want.
  8. I have them on my car, no issues with brakes or suspension. I have rear disc setup, so not sure with drums. 20mm spacers on rear. These are the 0 offset model.
  9. I would also check local laws, I had yellow headlights on my old 240sx and was pulled over as a result. Might not be an issue up north though.
  10. Ha! Sometimes sleep just doesn't happen. I am about 15k miles into this swap, no structural issues so far. Only items that are giving me problems so far are the cheapo radiator I got and some electrical demons. Next step is the read end for sure.
  11. It's a t-56, my friend made the mount for me. Kind of a dark photo, but only one I have right now.
  12. Here are some pics using dirty dingo street rod mounts. Let's you drop the steering rack and k-member without having to do anything with the motor as well. Using a low mount alternator. Clearance with steering shaft: How it sits:
  13. LQ4 Swap help

    First word: adjective, second word: animal Result? Shop Name. Personally I like the sound of Clever Penguin.
  14. LQ4 Swap help

    I used the dirty dingo mounts, not exactly bolt in, but it is another option: http://dirtydingo.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=1_206_305_321&products_id=1316
  15. WTB L28ET in Georgia Area

    Not a turbo motor, but I am about to pull the l28 out of my 78, about 90k original miles on it. I am in the Atlanta area. Paul