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  1. draft.phunk.amd

    FS- L28 Engine, turbo parts, engine parts, intakes, etc

    Is the 78 L28 still available? Did you have a price? Are you willing to ship?
  2. draft.phunk.amd

    Correct way to install Diff Mount Insulator

    I'm currently also trying to install my diff mount, and would appreciate this information. And if anyone knows the measurements/specifications (width, height, pitch of threading, part name or number if applicable) of the insulator-installation-nut which goes onto the differential-case-mounting-front-insulator, through the differential-case-mounting-front-member. I don't have that nut, and am having a hard time finding it. Without it, the nose of the differential slams onto the damper-plate each time I add or remove power to the drive-shaft.
  3. draft.phunk.amd

    Complete Differential List (need help)

    i'm currently doing an R200 swap. missing the yoke flange bolts. anyone know the proper measurements, and type of metal, and strength of the bolts?
  4. draft.phunk.amd

    FS: Nismo R200 Clutch-LSD

    I think this is the chart with the differential spline counts of many z differentials. http://www.zcarpartsindex.com/index.php?title=Differential_Listing if your's fitted 29 spline, i'd buy it in a jiffy
  5. draft.phunk.amd

    Talkin the talk... q45 r230 r200 z30 & so on & so on

    Actually my source says only 280zx 2+2 manuals came with R200's. The 280zx automatic's and non-2+2's came with R180's. http://www.zcarpartsindex.com/index.php?title=Differential_Listing Here's my source, it has more detail about all Z's differentials, and other parts. I think every Z owner interested in modifying their car should have this link.
  6. draft.phunk.amd

    How to mount them there ZG Flares

    the flares don't look like they'd even fit. and you'd need t drill holes into them. what are they, rubber? is it easy to drill through rubber? i'd just save up the extra however many dollars to buy legit fenders.
  7. draft.phunk.amd


    ya, for that sale, just take the engine, and part out anything else in the car. i don't know all the rules for getting a smog certification. mainly how an engine swap affects it. definitely needs the stock headers for the rb25, don't know if its got them...might need a few catalytic converters too. it'd be too much work to get this car registered, part it out if you buy it.
  8. draft.phunk.amd

    CA, car accident, No insurance, liability unknown...

    The emotional damages card got so over played when it was introduced, now the victim needs to show physical manifestations of the emotional damage. Proof from a doctor that it began after the incident, and could've been caused by the incident, and that it impairs the victims day-to-day activities. Not a fucki'n "fear of cars" BS, anyone can play a "fear-of-cars" symptom and rip the other driver off.
  9. draft.phunk.amd

    Is it possible to make my 280zx an AWD car?

    probably also makes finding parts easier too
  10. draft.phunk.amd

    Drift 280Z project

    this is very interesting. since i live in orange county, i'll definitely be paying them a visit. POWERED BY MAX: ステアリングの切れ角up Super Steering Angle Parts
  11. draft.phunk.amd


    Oh, NOW i get my avatar! Anyways, I'll agree with you. I'm nowhere near an engine swap. The RB25, is an appealing and difficult swap that I've been thinking about. Not a project for me to be taking in this early stage of my life. The earliest I think I could concieve doing this would probably be in the 3-4 year range after I do other mods and have money saved over. Just trying to understand the process of what needs to happen for a successful swap is currently mindboggling to me lol
  12. draft.phunk.amd

    Parts wanted

    oh ok, perfect! mines a 74 then! thanks skib
  13. draft.phunk.amd

    Parts wanted

    Well, 74-78, I don't know the exact year, but I can guess somewhere in those 4 years.
  14. draft.phunk.amd


    these swaps sounds like a headache, just the thought of "fabrication" is stressing me out
  15. draft.phunk.amd


    Been a while since you posted this up there, but I've got a 1981 L28ET, don't know if its short or long though. Turns by hand, asking $400. I'm not exactly local, but I'm in the same state if it helps. Orange County, almost 400 miles away. If you're interested email me [email protected]