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  1. 280Z Garage Sale

  2. P90 Head, Crossflow Radiator and other Z stuff

    PM on the head and radiator.
  3. Check the injectors for flow, one or more may be stuck open. Check the cold start injector too. That black smoke means something is flooding it with gas.
  4. WTB: emblems

    The 4th picture is all hatch emblems
  5. Wanted: 280zx (83) Turbo Distributor

    Is that the E12-80? Have a couple I probably wont use but I've never run them to see if they're working good
  6. T5 with s30 driveshaft (SOLD)

  7. S30 Pieces Parts, Chaa....eeep! Some free

    Can I get the Z seat belt buckles and the rubber window finishers right below them? Theyre next to the distributor in pic 3. I'm in Hawthorne, FL 32640. thx! Scott
  8. I would be interested in the rbr offsets, would like polish finish - repaint is easy, strip and polish is not.
  9. 260z items for sale

  10. Plexi Quarter Windows

    Make them 4mm bigger than the stainless surround and that should be big enough to fill to the body at the surface. Maybe a little smaller if you want them recessed, like original. I would make the pattern from the car, not the glass.