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  1. 631 (6 cylinders, 3 carbs, 1 turbo)

    Hi frank HI TONY!
  2. 73 Turbo Revival

    And i am back.......from outer space....... Nice talking with yah Dave do her right. Mike was supposed to sell the car back to me as per a written contract i have here in my hand but meh whatevs. Glad it went to you. Shout out to TOnyD Big Phil keep it real. Mike was the type of guy who had more money than time and for sure brains. Car left my house running good. Not optimal but it ran good on 8psi. Somehow ins hipping the non english speaking guy fucked it up. Mike ended up suing the moving company and won. How much eh got i dunno. Its a shame the suffered this fate as i spent my life on this car. Those who remember the long late night phone calls will testify. Oh for the record this is how the wiring left my house Love that Dave stole all my photos from my Photobucket...lol i dont care There is a few videos of how it ran at 8psi and 50% throttle the day before it left.
  3. I was going through old bookmarks and saw the thread you started for my stolen car in rx7club. Very entertaining. Sorry you had to fight off a bunch of haters though. Who photoshops on a GTR badge? :P

  4. Tune up parts.

  5. A Great Project Mazda RX-2 Pictures Included!

    13b is easy grab the front cover from a Gsl-Se 1st gen 7. Or i could do a turbo blowthrough on the 12a you have seen the vids man its been done before Oh snap look at this big piece of CHIT blower attached to it. Stupid ass furnace. 12a's are out my man. My Friends in Oz are milling 13b housings down to 12a specs. I bought the last set of 12a housings from mazda usa about 2 years ago for the tune of 500 a pop. Finding r5 nitrated 4 port irons for the 13b is the *****. I dont want the 6 port bullshit from the 2nd gen and up. Thats not the right 12a for that car either its been changed. It should be the twin dizzy model with really bad nsu seal design same as the 10a in the 110 luce and cosmo sport. Thats also a hitcahi pos carb not the good niki. Oh yeah Tony i am enjoying my 75hp Banshee just fine pulls the front up in 4 gears I forgot how good i was at porting two strokes kinda just like a rotary oh wait its the same principle.
  6. A Great Project Mazda RX-2 Pictures Included!

    No interest in a 4 door :)prefer a rx-3 as well a rx3-sp at that. Opel Gt tony really i remember my 69 lol lead additive ha. o-60 in 12seconds ha. Flip over frog lights precious. Besides that thing is a money PIT!!!!! Motor is cooked 98% on that. Old 4 port irons are a ***** to find as well.
  7. Cleaning out garage blocks various parts.

    WElp everything is loaded up to go to dump tonight last chance and thanks for the guys who did pick up some stuff.
  8. Cleaning out garage blocks various parts.

    Bushings Gone.
  9. Cleaning out garage blocks various parts.

    Compressors gone. Cam,Pistons,bushings,blocks left. I have a N/A oil pan here for 25 bucks as well. Ac mounting brackets and pullies 25 a piece. Fan with clutch in working order 25 bucks.
  10. Cleaning out garage blocks various parts.

    Dumpster/recycler bound.
  11. Cleaning out garage blocks various parts.

    Yes it is and pm sent.
  12. OER triple carbs 40mm with K&N filter

    Ugh. Do some research i am not gonna plug this dudes thread. The old sk carbs you could peel off the logo that was foil and it said mikuni underneath.
  13. OER triple carbs 40mm with K&N filter

    sanyo kiki was a mikuni clone not weber. All though they all stem from the same design. Nice carbies though.
  14. Cleaning out garage blocks various parts.

    Bushings dropped down to 30 shipped
  15. Cleaning out garage blocks various parts.

    Willing to remove parts from short blocks as well pistons crank etc. Cranks can go for 40 a piece.