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  1. I wonder if anything ever happend with this or if anyone has tried this?
  2. Long time since I've been on this website because of my other car. But browsing 300zx websites I have figured out Jim Wolf Technologies now makes a swap kit for use of a 350z 6 speed on a 300zx. How this kit works is it uses a 300zx z32 automatic bell housing and a custom adapter to mate the 300zx automatic bellhousing to the 350z 6speed manual gearbox. Crazy. But what I have reasoned out is. The bolt pattern on the 300zx manual and automatic bellhousing is the same. If I used one of 240hokes l28et to z32 transmission adapters, had a 300zx AUTOMATIC bell housing machined bac
  3. Im not too big on ceramic coating parts... Due to the metal inside a ceramic coat makes it VERY prone to rusting. Powdercoating is the way to go...
  4. Is this dealership in the ghetto? Also did the wheels have locking lug nuts?
  5. Updated picture... Dusty, 1-1.5" lower, new clutch(holds 550whtq)
  6. Interesting... Curious to see pictures of how well it fits on the car after it has been installed.
  7. Yes post some pictures, show everyone what you have done.
  8. Dont buy any that have been "custom" drilled on a new rotor. They are prone to cracking. Try to find one that has been CAST with holes in it. But besides that point, slots have been proven to be more effective and safer.
  9. MAybe I will make an appearance in the video. I was at the ZCON in TN last year... I remember them filming.
  10. Btw that clip is retarded. Its funny how people always talk **** but end up heading out to the midnight showing "so they can talk more ****" Haha.
  11. I was just looking at these rims the other day... I would get 18x9.75
  12. Very good movie! Not very many car racing scenes. Next to none in the street racing department. But all the action and the good plot made up for it! Money well spent IMO.
  13. Lol... before you get flamed... www.modernmotorsports.com theres a start
  14. I havent asked for a quote on how much it would be to make a bracket. But say $400 middle of the row rotors, $200 labor/materials for the bracket... that would be $600 for me and I already have calipers for free.
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