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  1. Hey guys, I am looking to sell my t3 front control arms and tc rods. These are brand spanking new. Never mounted or anything. My project has been delayed so i would like someome to get use out of them. They are literally new so you can see pics of them on the t3 site. If you really want me to get pics i will. SOLD including shipping. (T3 site would be 635 plus shipping and even more on ebay)
  2. Rb25 swap parts for sale

    here are pics before it was packed up. Very high quality pan by pat.
  3. Rb25 swap parts for sale

    Need to get rid of some rb parts from a project I never got to. Rb oil pan and pickup made my pat1 here on hybridz. Brand new just as they are sent from pat. 375 including us shipping SOLD Wiring specialties rb25det harness including injector sub-harness. For series 2 rb25 with stock maf. Brand new. Very nice. 375 including us shipping. SOLD Rb25 greddy style isis intake from raw brokerage. Brand new very clean. http://www.rawbrokerage.com/isis-intake-manifold-rb25det/ 275 including us shipping. (Originally $399 from raw brokerage)
  4. Nice. You probably want to put this on 311s.org if you havent already.
  5. Wtb. S30 rhd cowel and rhd heater box

    Thought i would try again. The rhd wiper cowl is the big thing. Surely someone has one .
  6. Hey guys. Im am looking for a rhd heater box and rhd wiper cowl ro complete my real s30 (1/73). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Ok so here is the story, i have a real jdm s30 that i want to make into a fun daily driver and literally drive where i want to. It does not have to be a rocketship per say but i want it to go. I womt be racing it except for an occasional weeked fun run type deal. The shell is bare and i am replacing the pans currently and i am going to use bad dog frame rails fromt and rear. I do have an r200 and will most likelyuse modern motorsports m cv conversion so that would take care of them diff. Now for the fun stuff Power goal maybe 375-400rwhp. I am thinking of going with an rb25det. I like the rb 26 but to much of a price jump. This is where i would like your opinions. Myself and my friends will do most of thenwork due to the budget. Budget 5k-7. Dailey driver so i want agressive but not to aggressive. Use stock control airs front and rear? Just change springsmandmstruts Or upgrade to modern motorsports coilover, arizonazcoilover,ttt coilover or mckinney coilover If i upgrade to coilovers which ones do you prefer and why? What spring rates would you get front and back. Do i go with ttt contol arms or arizona z car control arms or even modern motorsports. The budget includes motor and tranny mounts from mckinney it also includes an rb25det with transmission. . Please remember this is a dailey driver. I like being low but i want comfort as well. Please offor up a suggestion and why you think it would be good for my needs
  8. Rb motor/ trans mounts

    I would def be interested in the future. Doing an rb swap isnt cheap as it is so any cost savings is appreciated. I have browsed through the forums numerous times and seen your oil pan work so i am sure your mounts would be top notch as well. Keep us posted. Mine would be for a rhd. Mckinneys will work so i am sure yours would as well.
  9. Parting 73 240 and New parts

    Great Ty.
  10. Parting 73 240 and New parts

    More stuff. Hood Release and catch. All Plated by me. I am not a pro so they are not perfect but would flash on a daily driver. 40 incl shipping Throttle linkages plated by me and transmission crossmember bolts. see above.25 incl shipping Tail light harness's good shape. 25 incl shipping Lock set. Decent shape. 1 key works on 1 door, glove box, hatch and ignition. The other door may work as well but it seems a little seized. The ignition does work but it takes some wiggling. I suggest going through it good. 65 plus shipping.
  11. Parting 73 240 and New parts

    Great! i am glad you are pleased.
  12. Parting 73 240 and New parts

    Twofouroh will get you pics of the backs tomorrow.