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  1. Do cars have souls?

    Japanese cars don't have souls. I bought a used MR2 once, and she wouldn't talk back to me.
  2. Interviewing Hybridz members for English! Yay!

    Now, I hate to say this, but I brought up a long time ago the fact that the Z was one of the original ricer cars. Those hideous louvers and that air dam put ricing on the map. Some even had the whale tail, side skirts and stick on fender flares. Yuck.
  3. Interviewing Hybridz members for English! Yay!

    Want a quote? Look at the picture below
  4. what I really wanted for xmas

    ....a Mini Cooper with an LS1 Instead, I got some warm clothing. Oh well....it's a lot safer.
  5. :( Z prices going up

    I still think it's because of the drifting scene, although I hate to admit they have done anything positive for the motorhead scene. RWD japanese cars are desireable for drifting are limited to RX7's , Z cars, and 240sx's. Limited supply + increased demand=higher prices.
  6. So are Z sellers on crack now, or have values gone up?

    Not a reasonable price, but consider that drifting has become popular and how many RWD Japanese vehicles are there? You have Z cars, RX7's and 240 SX's. The early Z cars are becoming harder to come by, so I can see prices going up a bit.
  7. Oh the Horror...the Horror

    True enuff. I'm starting to see the wisdom of just buying a Porsche or Z06 and being done with it. I wasn't sure why you went with the store bought fast cars a while back, but building your own can be a PITA
  8. Well, I got my car back from the shop as a shell of its former self. Here's what it looked like before: Unfortunately, the rings never seated right and the engine smoke a lot. It couldn't pass emissions. I took it in to the shop because I didn't have the time to work on it. Then, after seeing how much power my LS7 Mazda make without blowers, I decided to go in a simpler direction. I decided to take it back home. Here it is: It's gonna get one of these: Not that exact engine. That's an LS2 that's going into my Hummer H3 (that's right, I'm putting a Corvette engine in the vehicle with the highest ground clearance of all time-not a great idea, but at this point in my life, I have more money than brain cells). I'll put a 427 LSx in the Z, only with slightly lower compression in case I want to blow it. Stay tuned.
  9. I can't believe I haven't thought of that!
  10. I would like some passenger side bling in the form of Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson. I definitely can't have either.
  11. Always wear leathers!

    Finally, something on a car forum I can absolutely answer with some expertise! No, don't use peroxide. You might as well pour hot oil on the wound. It needs to be kept moist-tegaderm is not bad, we use it for skin graft donor sites and it really makes a difference as far as pain. Some sort of antibiotic ointment or silvadine cream (the white stuff--prescription only) to prevent scabbing really speeds up the healing time. Always wear leathers! I hate doing skin grafts, and since I don't do much of that anymore, if you end up in my operating room I might get confused and your likely to end up with a set of implants.
  12. Just bought and LQ4 for swap!

    Ouch, that truck had a rough ending fer sure.
  13. Will This V8 Make 400+hp???

    Those Fastburns are nice. I would say you are there.
  14. OMG! I didn't see the turbo until just now. That thing must be a beast!
  15. Good to see that you got it running, especially since I sold you a defective motor! Good job!