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  1. Still looking for the front valance for a 280zx. Thanks
  2. OK bought the fenders from a member of this forum..(Thanks Phil) I still need the front valance and that hvac piece.
  3. Hello Everyone, I've been out of the Z world for a while racing Miatas but I'm back in the fold now with a 280zx. I'm in need of both front fenders, a lower HVAC piece and the front valance from the headlight buckets down. I'm in Lexington Kentucky, I just paid 205 for all these parts out of California but the deal fell thru when the box wouldn't fit with UPS or USPS. My contact is via PM or my cell. Call or text 2706687073
  4. Ah-ha but I have already replaced the switch and have the same problem.
  5. I'm thinking this is a ground issue, does anyone have any idea where I should start looking?
  6. I'm having an issue with the headlights on my new 77' 280z. I tracked the issue down to some symptoms. When ever I try to turn on the headlights I get nothing, but all the running lights work. So I took apart the combo and turn signal switches from the steering column and let them hang. I then turned on the lights and lo and behold I have light. As soon as I touch the two switches back together I loose my lights. However if I leave the lights on and put them back together they lights will stay on until I turn off the switch. Then when I try to turn them on again I get nothing. I have tried dif
  7. Thats the 'tex for you. However, if you wish to see the height of human evolution vist the mk4 forums on vwvortex. The place where no one use periods and the where the 1.8t NEVAR LOSES! I'm a member there under the same screen name as here, after all I DD a VW.
  8. I have cleaned the afm to no effect and have already ajusted the tps and watched for movement as I worked the throttle.
  9. Hello Hybridz! It’s been a while since I've posted but I bought another 280z from Cali and let me tell you. I will never buy another east coast car again. You haven't seen rust free until you've seen this car and I got it for a song. This car would’ve cost 5,000 at least on this side of the country. Anyway that was the preface. The car was a weekend driver in Sacramento and I had it shipped to Ky. It drives GREAT except for an issue that I can't track down. When you take off in the car in 1st is has a multiple bad stutter/hesitation at around 2 to 3 thousand rpms. This only happens
  10. This was taken from vwvortex.com and I thought it was neat application of mathematics even if it has some error involved. quote" http://www.metacafe.com/watch/...a_car/ I just don’t know...anyone tried it? "
  11. Been checking that page for a while now, that man has some real talent. I can't wait to see that car run down the road. Reminds me of mull in a sort of way.
  12. I noticed that too, I thought it was me. I guess its a global issue.
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