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  1. Bought and alpha tig 2 years ago with zero tig experience. Gradually taught myself with YouTube videos and asking questions. It's allowed me to make my own turbo setup from the log manifolds to full exhuast. Is it the best no, does it work, we'll nothing I made has broke only the rod inside the engine. Review Kinda: I paid 800 shipped from amazon the plastic cover broke when I flipped it up and the torch flex head broke in two weeks, the torch hose is really stiff which over time causes an annoying pressure on your hand, the screen reads zero on start up sometimes until an arc
  2. I find 3-6 or early 1uz's in almost every parts yard I go to and most aren't messed with. And at 190-350$ depending on what you get I can blow one up once a month and never have to worry about not finding one. Email replied to about oil filter.Hope it was of some help.
  3. That appears to be the correct one. Remember the studs on the block will have to be changed ou,t you will see what i mean when you try to put the pan on the block. i will try to get some pictures of the motor mounts later tonight when i get home. I need to get back to working on mine its been awhile.
  4. I wish you the best of luck with your swap I just got mine mounted back in the car and now I have to hook everything up. If I get an early start I may be able to have it running. I will try to check back from time to time and help when possible.
  5. I cant say it will be exactly the same but i'm sure this will help. https://www.clublexus.com/forums/build-threads/754842-how-to-wire-up-a-1uz-engine-vvti-and-non-vvti.html http://www.uzswap.com/index.php?topic=63.0
  6. Unfortunately I never had the time to research the 3uz. As most swaps here anything is possible with the time and know how, also a plus to have help from others who have been there before. As for the price here in California I can get a 1uz complete for 450$ sometimes cheaper during half off days at our pick n pull junkyards. Haven't seen any 3uz prices so I'm not sure. Also if you still plan to convert to rear sump on the ls400 engine you have to swap the studs over for the intermediate oil pan I did mine last night. It is now comolete.
  7. http://www.1uzfeswapkit.com is where I got my mounts from they are mentioned for a 1uz into a mk3 supra but if you swap them left for right and right for left the work just fine. Sits a bit foward but it works, for the transmission I made my own mounts. Also bought his r154 adapter kit. I see he has changed the design from the ones I bought might want to contact him and see if all the dimensions are the same.
  8. Im no expert but i have swapped this engine in my car and got it running well enough to daily it. So to answer your question to get the 1uz from the ls400 to work in the 240z you will need to convert it to a rear sump from a lexus sc400. The ls400 sump sits to far forward and will sit on the steering rack. As far as i know there are no conversion kits just go to a junkyard( auto recycler) and see if they have a sc400 to pull parts from. you will need the these parts.(see picture source:clublexus) I am doing this very thing i snapped a rod on my boosted 1uz setup and had to get a new engi
  9. I have done this with my 240z sc400 1uz, holset hx40, r154 mk3 supra trans. i broke a shift fork bolt out of the r154. Friend has a tubro 1uz 280z and the s13 trans, he exploded 2nd gear. went with a 350z trans and its holding up fine.i may switch to the cd009 if i come across one. Just a fair warning and heads up.
  10. Instead of starting a new thread for the same part wanted for the same year figure i'd just bump this up to the top. Looking for a booster for a 73 240z picked up locally or shipped to 94621. I need this asap (overnight) cannot have my car down for the first time in 3 months i have multiple days off from work. I have paypal ready for anyone who can verify that it still works. if your not sure please dont offer it thank you hybridz peeps. Also have a 1979 280zx booster and 15/16 master if your local we can trade or something. I will check back here houlry for replies and pm's if any.
  11. I know there are 1uz swaps out there. My question is are there any other turbo 1uz 240z's.
  12. Almost finished with this project and wanted to see were there any other documented 240z specific 1uz turbo swaps out there. I can't seem to find anything would be dope if I were the first 240z specfic. This isn't a show car and never will be so any of you who don't like, gtfo. No specfic plans for the car other than learning more of what I don't know while having fun and making good power without spending ludicrous amounts of money. Sorry for the sideways picture, anyone on instgram feel free to add me for more pictures and videos I will post more here once I get home. IG 510s30kees
  13. As she sits waiting for a few more parts it's driveability is limited to in and out of the garage.
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