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  1. Daves NEW Start/Stop Button Ignition System

    I like it since any key will basically start my car anyway.
  2. my car

  3. Body work and paint in progress !

    It's looking really good, to bad it was the cowl that turned out a little wonky. That's the one piece I figure I'm going to blow through if I'm not careful. Someone correct me on this, I thought that the clear needed to be applied fairly soon after the base.
  4. So, what is odd about this R32?

    It's actually a Honda Civic with R32 parts taped on?
  5. The official: "I had one of those once..." thread

    I had a gas station attendant swing his head into the car and he seen the speedo. That's when I got the dumbest question, "Does it go that fast?". Most of the time it's either someone who doesn't know what it is or It's a older guy who wants to talk about the old days. Unless it's someone who owns a Z, then we talk about our next big project or what needs fixed.
  6. Personally I would get a 4WD but you can get a 2WD for half the price.
  7. I'm a little tempted to pick up a Comanche, after all this jeep talk. Something like this would be a pretty good rig. The 2WDs are much cheaper, find something like this maybe even talk him down some. It looks like quite a deal for what your getting. http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/cto/1999647368.html
  8. That's probably wise, I had it fixed for 3 months maybe. Yeah there is a Lawsuit, who knows when that will get settled. They still seem to be making boards with the same issue.
  9. This explains what happens. This guy says he'll do it for $125 Yeah they'll pay quite a bit, if anything it could be parted out. Get it fixed and try to get $600 and put it towards the new truck.
  10. I guess it depends if your towing on flat land or up mountains. Smaller truck probably would do the job just fine. I was thinking even a older Nissan hard body would do the trick. If you need to go up and down some mountain roads then you should probably go a little bigger. How safe you are is going to have alot to do with how you drive. Your biggest concern should be rear ending someone. I would probably avoid the 3vze that's in the older Toyotas, they seem to have headgasket issues similar to the 7m. Yeah the DV series was not good, the solder cracks on the BGA video chips. You can fix it if your brave just start reading up on DIY BGA reflowing. I used a heatgun and shielded the rest of the motherboard with tin foil and took the video chip up to about 500 degrees and that fixed it for awhile, I couldn't fix it a second time though.
  11. Any Oregon guys interested in Epoxy Paint?

    Sounds like one of my brothers friends in going to come pick up the Purple. So all that's left is the Red and Orange.
  12. Any Oregon guys interested in Epoxy Paint?

    I wanted to keep it local for shipping reasons. I kinda looked into since you asked, it sounds like a PITA. I'm not sure about this I may have to ship each part separately and there are some special packaging requirements. There are some rules that need to be followed to keep it legal. Plus I really want whomever is picking it up to inspect it first. This stuff is a little old. Mongo picked up the White today, so that's gone. Looking at the Can of dark gray, it seems to almost be a full can but I'm not liking whats on rim so probably strike that off the list. So when anyones interested In a color I'll look at it first and make sure it looks normal. For now It's probably better to leave them sealed.
  13. Any Oregon guys interested in Epoxy Paint?

    I looked at what I have and I have a full gallon of white + the Hardener and thinner (Dexter). I'm in North Portland I'll get in touch with you tomorrow.
  14. I have a few kits of epoxy paint which are about 10years old, the base should still be good. They spent there time indoors at room temperature Since it's aerospace paint normally it gets re-certified every 2 years, which is when I got it, it needed to be re-certified which apparently is not cheap. Most of the kits are 1 gallon base, 1 gallon activator and 1 gallon thinner. Some of it is PRC-Desoto (PPG Aerospace) and some is Dexter I guess that's a division of Sikkens. Colors I have are Dark gloss gray, Gloss red and I believe I have every FedEX color, I'll have to double check what I actually have in the boxes. These are the Fedex colors http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:FedEx_912.jpg Purple, Orange and white. Again I'll have to dig the kits out and see what's actually inside. I don't believe I have any epoxy sealer ( I would have used that myself). Obviously I'm not going to ship these. The Colors are nothing special but this stuff is made to last on planes that cruise at 500mph and are exposed to jet fuel. I would be interested in trades let me know if your interested, I just want someone to put this stuff to use. Edit: The Dexter actually says it's a polyurethane, I don't know how different that is from epoxy. I've used some of it before and the mixed leftovers hardened into a sort of rubber.
  15. Started Rustoelum Paintjob.

    Well thankfully it's a light color. I'm only trying to get a 10 footer, most of the touch up I could of avoided if I would had more patience and time. I was kind of in a tight spot, the rain is coming and it was time to get it painted or wrap it up.