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Dont know what year l28et I have, want to run MS2

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Long story short I picked up a l28et about a year ago, I could of sworn the guy I got the motor from said it was a 81, but heres the thing... It has NO CAS on the front pulley. When I went to pick the motor up the guy just got done taking it out of his car an hour or so before. The head says p90 and the distributor has a disk with 360 slits but the distributor itself is empty. If I remember correctly the 82 and up have optical triggers for a cas inthe distributor, but 81s didnt have this option.


Ive done alot of searching on here and cant figure it out. I want to run MS2 and from what Ive read I need to have a 82 dizzy up setup with the proper oil shaft and pump. The other option would be to run a trigger off the crank.


If someone can tell me what dizzy I may have Id be in your debt. Im just trying to identify which motor I have.


Also if anyone can provide pictures of the distributor internals of the 82 vs. 81 that be great.



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1981 distributors don't have the optical disk or the encoder under the cover plate. It's just a rotor and a cap.


1982-83 distributors have a disk and encoder under the cover plate. They also have a 4-pin plug about 10" long coming out of the side of them. There is no advance mechanism in the optical dizzy, just the wheel, encoder, cap, and rotor.

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Using an MS, there are ways to trigger the ignition without using the Turbo dizzy, and control spark from the MS.

The only other option I thought about using was to run a trigger wheel on the crank and a vr/hall sensor. Is that what you meant? id love to go distributorless someday but this seems easier for now.

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That is yet another option.


What can be done is use the non turbo dizzy, and use a GM HEI 7 or 8 pin module, this provides both trigger to the ECM for RPM, and allows the ECM to control timing.


The non turbo, electronic dizzy ('74+) can trigger the GM HEI module just fine. I ran this set-up, though it was with a GM ECM for a few months, before getting my DIS swap finished.


I believe the MS could also take the signal directly from the non turbo dizzy, then drive the coil directly, with the correct mods, but I haven't looked into too deeply, but I know other applications have been run this way.


You would want to lock the non turbo dizzy, so that any and all advance is controlled by the computer, and no mechanical advance is added.

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