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Proxlamus - 11 year project now. 280YZ and RB

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I actually ordered a RB25DET NEO with transmission and a Subaru LSD 3.54 and Ermish Racing CV chafts on Thursday! So I'm waiting for the guy to pack it up and ship!


I also found some really cool wheels from http://psvintagewheels.com/products.html they are the T/A II version wheels. I'm going to order 15x12 wheels. Priced very well.

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Alrighty.. time for a update!


Lots of good things.


I found a RB25DET NEO out of a R34 2002 GT-T.. I also got a 5 speed RWD transmission and I got a Subaru STI 3.54 LSD with Ermish racing CV shafts.


It has a Borg Warger S256 turbocharger, injector dynamics 1000cc injectors and a NISTUNE ecu.




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When I sectioned my struts.. I sectioned them wrong. Very wrong...

http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/124937-sectioning-struts-on-a-240z-vs-a-280z/?do=findComment&comment=1168032 read more about it here..


Anyway... I went ahead and added pieces back into the strut tubes... what a pain. 20170208_120343.jpg




I am aware the strut tube is bent at the thread. It fell out of the vice. Luckily it still threads together with the gland nut. Thank goodness.

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Alright ran into some problems today swapping in my Greddy intake plenum...


First off in the NEO, the fuel rail bracket has a different spacing so I had to modify that.


In addition the NEO has a 4 bolt IACV instead of a 3 bolt. So I ordered a machined adapter to fit the 4 bolt IACV on the Greddy manifold... surprise surprise the holes weren't drilled properly .






So I had to re-drill and countersink it..



I also had to re-tap most of the air and water fittings...



All done





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