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  1. Thanks. I figured out my issue. I'm using those bolt in, urethane camber plate/insulator things and there were some conflicting parts to deal with but i got it sorted. I lowered the back end down on my wheel/tire combo and it is SLAMMED. LOL Gonna have to make some adjustments. I'm still interested in seeing your parts list and how it looks on wheels.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I'm interested in seeing all the individual parts you used to assemble the upper part of the coilover. The insulator and all that stuff. I think I figured out what my problem was but if I saw the layout of your parts it would be a tremendous help. Thanks again
  3. Could you give me a breakdown of the parts you are using to put the coilovers together? I'm stuck on mine. I tried to assemble the rears last night and I can't get it all together with enough room for the nut on top of the strut. Even compressing the spring doesn't make a difference...
  4. I don't know if it's been mentioned here yet but if you are sectioning the strut tubes for the ground control setup, you can't compare measurements between a 240z and a 280z. The 280 has longer strut housings. I am in the middle of my suspension build and I am swapping the front struts in to the rear housings and using MR2 struts up front. Near as I can tell, this requires you to section about 3 inches out of the strut housings. (I think you only need to section about 1.75" if it's a 240z.) My question now is about the placement of the weld ring... if you've sectioned 3 inches out of the strut
  5. nice. sorry if I missed it but what headlights did you put in there?
  6. Finally got around to cutting my rear strut tubes down. I think I did ok. The total length of the tube ended up being just a hair under 13 inches. The front strut inserts sit nice and snug in there and the glands nuts are doing their job. Time to get some shielding gas for my Hobart and weld it all up. I'm still waiting on the MR2 struts that I ordered and I'll be ordering my GC setup this week. I'm actually getting excited about this now. I think as long as I don't run in to any major hurdles, I'll have this thing back on wheels before the end of April. Woooot
  7. damn dude! your freaking lip. holy crap. Those grinders are nasty. I've seen a bunch of injuries with those things. I've been using them for over ten years and they still scare me. Well I'm sure you'll heal up and the little scar will make for a good story. Great work on the Z!
  8. Ok so here's a little tidbit of info concerning the ground control install in a 280z. As I figured, it's always more complicated than 1,2,3. As far as using those MR2 struts... The gland nut at the top of the strut tube is too small to fit the diameter of the MR2 strut insert. I'm gonna have to take the gland nuts to a shop and have them machine out about an 1/8 of an inch so the strut insert will actually lock in to place. For those that haven't done this install, you take the front struts and put them in the rear tubes, then you put MR2 struts in the front tubes. This allows you to section
  9. yeah well Sirpent... I don't know what to say haha. Your dedication to your project is incredible. i don't have that kind of patience. I generally like to keep my projects simple. When It comes to this hobby, I'm a 'path of least resistance' kind of guy. Working on cars is therapeutic for me. I have a day job as a sculptor for a collectables company, so doing something more objective and mechanical on the weekend kind of puts my mind at ease. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time and I like to drive the cars I have, so I try to get my projects on the road as quickly as possible and then tin
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