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Cosmo Racing Coilovers in my 77 280z

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I bought this 77 280z from a post on here from a guy in Florida.  I found a good deal on eBay for a set of Cosmo Racing coilovers and after my research decided to give them a try. I couldn't really find anyone who had a Datsun who had used them, just a bunch of questions about them and some 'bashing' that they were too inexpensive to be good. I did find several good reviews from folks who had put them on different makes and models, so I purchased them and installed them on my 77 280Z. I got the single spring setup with a heavier duty springs due to a V8 swap. 


20141221 203113


I haven't been able to try them yet as there is no transmission and I'll be pulling the motor out this weekend. As soon as I know how they ride I'll update my experience here.


Here are some other pics of the car.... you may remember this car being in the For Sale forum, but the pictures of it were terrible. Hard to tell what was being offered. I've cleaned it up and put a coat of 'undercoating' on the inside. It's got a new paint job from P.O. who was learning to paint. It's decent, but sat for a while in a body shop, then a garage and has some minor scuffs here and there. I'm looking forward to a good buff and wax job as I think it will remove a lot of the blemishes.   


I found a set of Weld Draglites (15x7 front & 15x8 rear) on craigslist I had to grab. They are 4.5 back spacing with new tires on front and practically new M/T drag radials on back.


What do you guys think?


20150101 150933

20150101 151048

20150101 231807

20150101 231822

20150101 231911

20150101 231855

20150101 231741

20150101 150908


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Looks like you're off to a good start!  (Say goodbye to whatever free time you may have had before on the weekends.   :D  )


If you decide to play around with spring rates, Swift and Tein are two of the few reputable companies that manufacture a good selection of coilover springs in 2.75" (70 mm) inner diameter that Cosmo uses.  Good luck with everything and happy motoring.

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Thanks jhm. I finished my Black 280z mid last year and all of my free time went into that.  My golf score went up 10 strokes by the time I started playing again.  I'll keep in Swift and Tein in mind, these springs are 280 lbs/in which is stout.


SleeperZ - I wanted to just make sure these are what I wanted. Right now I can go back... I'll probably cut them off at some point, just wanted the option.  These slicks fit under there nicely and could go a little bigger if need be. 


Here is my black one... (notice the driver in the first image?)


20140811 205407 resized


20140811 205625 resized

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