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Seat slider Conversion

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OK, so if any of you have done a seat swap on a 240,260, or 280z you have probably ran into the problem with the seat slider locking mechanism getting in the way of the rails mounting flush to the seat frame.. Yes, you could always notch/bash in the seat frame/pan but depending, doing that could also compromise the stability and safety of the seat as well as the value if you have a pair of sexy JDM Recaros. Another thing I've seen is putting spacers between the sliders and the seat, but then if you are a tall person (I'm 6'2") you risk having no head clearance from the headliner.


I have found a new option (on the cheap) that gives you the flexibility to mount the seats however you want, whether that is in the OEM location, or fabricating up your own mounting points. I am currently waiting for the rails to arrive in the mail, but I will keep this thread updated with results, issues, and pictures. 


The sliders I will be using are out of an 02' jeep wrangler (the sliders are the same from 76'-02) and can be found on ebay for around $36 for 2 sets of rails. The sliders for the seats are very simple and give you the space to drill new holes, wherever needed, to fit your seat. The other great part about the sliders is that unlike the datsun sliders, these do not have the protruding mounting tabs, so you can either swap the ones from the old sliders or make your own mounting points (lowering the seats)


I will be making my own mounting points since the seats I'm using will cause my head to touch the headliner. The seats are Recaro Trophy seats i found on craigslist BTW


This is all the information I have for now, but the new sliders should be here by next week and then I'll start adding pictures and such.

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sorry, ive been busy with a lot of stuff. 


so the sliders fit great and have plenty of real estate for whatever seat you will ever want to run. without having to modify the seats. am now just waiting until i put in new chassis seat mounts. ill update when the seats are in

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I haven't mounted my seats yet but I'm using Sparco R100. I used the original rails from my 240Z, I just drilled a couple extra holes in each rail bigger than the original holes I used a step drill and went down one more size bigger, and used flat top 8x1.25 phillips head screws, that was enough clearance for the mechanism to work mounted to the seats. Granted I don't have my car it's still at the shop finishing up my engine swap, so I don't know how they will slide when weight is applied but I don't see a problem yet, pretty sure the holes will have to be slotted that should be it. 

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